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strong espresso coffee with a topping of frothed steamed milk


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He added: "I remember when I was a child, my mother would give me a cafe latte in the morning.
I left Moor St at 0815 after having the good fortune to purchase a cafe latte at the station as, despite the length of the journey, there are no hot drinks to buy on the train.
Lightfull Foods in San Francisco has added to its Satiety Smoothie line with Mango Oasis, a 90-calorie drink/snack that joins four other Lightfull Satiety Smoothie flavors: Chocolate Satisfaction, Peachy Cream, Cafe Latte and Strawberry Bliss.
Something to ponder over the morning cereal, the next cafe latte, the latest slice of bread and butter or the cream teas
Try not to laugh just thinking about the time Chiles sued a coffee company after Kramer burned himself trying to sneak a cafe latte into a movie theater.
Coffee products will be on display, with Coffee Etc's St Moritz luxury coffee and Emmi International's innovative cafe latte drinks.
And I can't wait for some naive tourists to stroll along Vauxhall Road and perhaps enquire about getting a cafe latte and a croissant at the Glass House pub, which looks like it needs a lick of paint.
It could be a cafe latte from the corner shop or Starbucks or a new dining room set.
As I sip my tall skinny cafe latte,I am watching pictures of cold, tired climbers returning to camp complaining that the crowds were as much of a danger as the weather.
Cafe Latte is an upscale coffee shop themed to -be "a meeting place for friends.
The Lollypops come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Cafe Latte and Butterscotch, and the limited-time seasonal summer flavor is Root Beer.
Spoon up some new Stonyfield Greek Cafe Latte or Black Cherry for a healthy snack and enjoy knowing it's made without toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs
Maybelline Watershine Gloss in Cafe Latte (pounds 3.
We also ordered another ginger beer and a cafe latte, pounds 1.
Cafe latte now beats cappuccino as our favourite type of coffee.