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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Venezuela: The prevailing mode of governance in Venezuela, since it established independence in 1821, has been democratic Caesarism (42), where power is concentrated in a leadership that claims to directly represent the will and interests of the masses.
It is up to the Judiciary Branch, by performing its inherent functions, to prevent that the compulsive exercise of the President's extraordinary power to issue Provisional Measure culminate with the introduction, in the Brazilian institutional process, in legislative matters, of a truly governmental Caesarism, thereby causing serious distortions in the political model and generating serious dysfunctions compromising the integrity of the constitutional principle of separation of powers (44).
Dictatorship in History and Theory: Bonapartism, Caesarism and Totalitarianism.
I don't much like to read about the Depression, not only because it is depressing, but because it is rarely mentioned without a stentorian endorsement of the caesarism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Democracy, in other respect, is a self-eliminating process; it results in caesarism, personal domination which brings to its end the life-cycle of a given culture.
Its pagan fudging of the matter of the bed chamber (disguising the sex and violence), its eventual emphasis on chastity concomitant with an increasing veneration for "the Queen of Heaven" (climaxing in the dogma of the "Immaculate Conception" just as the West began to bring forth Symbolism) indicates that the cultural graft was unstable and that the Hellenic fork disbranch, disfigure, repeatedly attack and disentwine from its Jewish root, generating an infinite regress of refracted fictions of violent eroticism presenting an alternate, compelling world: a virtual reality of dazzling imagery concentrated in the myriad spectacles of the electronic age, the global theatron tending, inexorably to Caesarism and Dionysian collapse (GS 1.
Caesarism is a concept associated with the nationalist Right in the Weimar period, most notably with the historian Oswald Spengler, the desired supersession of democracy invested in a strong leader who will unite the Fatherland.
centuries before the rise of Caesarism or the appearance of Germanic hordes from the east--the youthful republic was invaded by a great host of Gauls, led by Brennus, who defeated the Roman army and sacked and occupied Rome.
For the Caesarism of New Labour - if that is what it is - did not arise out of nothing.
In Heydon's view, the alternative to Caesarism was the doctrine that 'society exists for the good of the individual, and not the individual for the State.
3) Below, I attempt to outline this new modality of totalitarianism, this new "Democratic Caesarism.
149) Given changes in media technology and the technologies of warfare, our country may be on a downward slide toward Caesarism, with presidents who claim greater and greater unaccountable authority in order to fight a never-ending war against hidden enemies.
Caesarism, charisma, and fate; historical sources and modern resonances in the work of Max Weber.
Peter Baehr's Caesarism, Charisma and Fate is a deeply intelligent work, but it is also a lost opportunity.