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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Concern about the evolution of oligarchy or Caesarism within the form of a republic is one of the oldest themes in the political literature of the West.
Strauss tells us that Caesar was able to maintain his power by assiduously cultivating "a few trusted loyalists," the elites of Italy, the provinces that benefited from him, the urban plebs, and the army "above all"--which sounds strikingly similar to Alston's "patrimonial network." And later he says the "secret of Roman politics," which was only "revealed" in the aftermath of Caesar's assassination, was that "Caesar was dead but Caesarism lived on."
Calabresi, Caesarism, Departmentalism, and Professor Paulsen, 83 MINN.
(N 263) In addition to anti-imperialist ideals, the Monterists also make use of the same political discourse as the Ribierists, promising that their regime, which they define as Caesarism, will bring order, peace and progress to the country:
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Obama will, however, merit the nation's backhanded gratitude if the 2016 Republican presidential nominee makes central to a successful campaign a promise to retreat voluntarily from his predecessor's Caesarism.
Venezuela: The prevailing mode of governance in Venezuela, since it established independence in 1821, has been democratic Caesarism (42), where power is concentrated in a leadership that claims to directly represent the will and interests of the masses.
It is up to the Judiciary Branch, by performing its inherent functions, to prevent that the compulsive exercise of the President's extraordinary power to issue Provisional Measure culminate with the introduction, in the Brazilian institutional process, in legislative matters, of a truly governmental Caesarism, thereby causing serious distortions in the political model and generating serious dysfunctions compromising the integrity of the constitutional principle of separation of powers (44).
"Caesarism, Circuses and Monuments." Journal of Contemporary History.
I don't much like to read about the Depression, not only because it is depressing, but because it is rarely mentioned without a stentorian endorsement of the caesarism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Democracy, in other respect, is a self-eliminating process; it results in caesarism, personal domination which brings to its end the life-cycle of a given culture.
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