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Synonyms for caesarean

the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

relating to abdominal delivery

of or relating to or in the manner of Julius Caesar


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DOCTORS have been urged to help persuade so called ``too posh to push'' women from having their babies by caesarean.
The new guidelines, developed by NICE and the National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (NCCWCH), aim to crack down on unnecessary and inappropriate Caesareans while still giving women a choice.
Caesareans are associated with an increased risk of placental disorders, but until now their effect on stillbirth rates was unknown.
But nursing chiefs in Coventry say the "too posh to push" syndrome hasn't caught on locally and that the Caesareans undertaken at Walsgrave Hospital are generally because of clinical need.
Cathy Warwick of RCM, said: "There is evidence that some Caesarean sections are unnecessary and put women and babies at risk.
Objective: To determine rising frequency of placenta previa and its associated morbidity in women with previous caesarean section.
One hundred women were included who had previous one caesarean section and were now in their pregnancy with single fetus at term.
Dr Yap-Seng Chong, from the National University of Singapore, said there was nothing wrong with resorting to caesareans when there was a clearly identifiable medical need.
The risk of death to the mother is now the same during a Caesarean as it is during natural childbirth, though the risk of serious medical complications remains higher for Caesareans.
Some experts have blamed the rising rates on wealthy women asking for Caesareans to avoid the pain and the problems associated with a natural delivery -dubbed 'too posh to push'.
She said: "We are starting to see now a rise in serious complications with women who have had Caesareans.
With planned Caesareans, some babies are inadvertently delivered prematurely, may experience breathing problems and are five times more likely to be admitted to intermediate or intensive care.
Caesareans are associated with an increased risk of placental disorders,but until now their effect on stillbirth rates was unknown.
Other major health insurance providers, however, say they will continue to pay for Caesareans if they are medically necessary.
A number of famous mothers, including Victoria Beckham, All Saints singer Melanie Blatt and Patsy Kensit have recently fuelled the debate by opting for Caesareans.