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an ancient seaport in northwestern Israel

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The city of Caesarea has a long and varied history.
The Orthodox, with a strong commitment to the apostolic descent of their bishops but without an effective centre of unity, apply the text to local bishops, each one of whom shows himself to be a successor to Peter by proclaiming and guarding in the local--diocesan--church the faith that Peter proclaimed at Caesarea.
Weizman will be buried in a state ceremony in the cemetery at Or Akiva, next to Caesarea, on Tuesday, according to a statement by President Moshe Katsav.
Then it is on to Tyre in Palestine (interestingly, Paul bypasses the previously central Antioch) and on down the coast to Caesarea and finally to Jerusalem.
On facing pages of the original Greek and his own new translation, Olly presents the text of a manuscript that was produced by Christians, probably in Alexandria during the fourth century, but later deposited and used in Caesarea shortly after Christians were decriminalized in the Roman Empire by the 313 Edict of Milan.
The Endo-PAT 2000, developed by Itamar Medical in Caesarea, assesses vascular endothelial dysfunction, an early indicator of atherosclerosis.
Caesarea Philippi, named to honor Caesar and Herod's son Philip, was located in a Gentile region and the home of a pagan shrine.
The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima excavation reports / American Schools of Oriental Research; v.
Speaking before the Israel Olympic team gathered in Caesarea, Tirosh said she would also take steps to help athletes who wished to pursue higher education after retiring from sports.
This week, Jesus heads northeast to Caesarea Philippi.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Caesarea, Israel, Dune Medical Devices, Ltd.
The section on the River Jordan includes the Sea of Galilee and Qumran; that on the hill country displays Mount Tabor, Jerusalem, and others; a final section looks at such areas of the coastal plain as Gaza and the Philistines and Caesarea Maritima.
Ha'aretz reported that buildings done with Pal-Kal include the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, the Bank of Israel in Jerusalem, the Caesar Hotel in Tiberias, and private villas in Caesarea.
CellEra is US incorporated with its first R&D center established in Caesarea, Israel.
In summer of 1971, the project began archaeological excavations in the sand dunes that covered Caesarea, the former port and capital of Palestine, and continued steadily for 12 summers with further intermittent efforts until 1995.