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United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)

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Caesar Chavez may be at the center of campus rather than at its periphery, but you will be changed, too.
Champy, the author of two best selling books on reengineering, and Nohria, a professor at Harvard Business School, have written a book that rings with high principles evidenced by its use of Mahatma Gandhi, King and Caesar Chavez. Most of its examples, however, are business people, living and dead.
Also included are: the North Main Street Bridge, Caesar Chavez Avenue Bridge, the Olympic and Washington Boulevard bridges, the Fourth Street Bridge over Lorena, Glendale-Hyperion Bridge, Fletcher Drive Bridge, Franklin Avenue Bridge, and the Sunset Boulevard Bridge.
Caesar Chavez is a Mexican American, Robert Kennedy is an Irish American, George Deukmejian is an Armenian American.
This includes 14 years of volunteering at the Churchill High School Career Center, volunteering in the SMART reading program at Caesar Chavez Elementary School, serving as a board member for Eugene Christian School, working with Boy Scouts of America, and coaching for Kidsports.
The book covers most bases and invites the reader to appreciate the importance of Caesar Chavez and the struggle to obtain justice for the farm workers.
"Higgins," whom Kiley worked with in Chicago, "was a great writer and a great thinker, but there are also probably thousands of photographs of him in the fields with Caesar Chavez, or sitting with workers and listening," Kiley said.
Friday at Blue Heron Bike/Pedestrian Bridge (behind Caesar Chavez Elementary School).
Activist, author and attorney Randy Shaw will talk about how the spirit, strategies and tactics of Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers still strengthen the U.S.
today at the Blue Heron Bike Bridge, on West 14th Avenue behind Caesar Chavez Elementary School, is the first Breakfast at the Bike Bridge, featuring free coffee, minor bike tune-ups and bike bell installation.