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Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC

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(The poem was probably written to celebrate the potential birth of an heir to Caesar Augustus.) The Church Fathers were also not deaf to the magisterial music and noble vision of Virgil's story.
Caesar Augustus took one of these as his residence, and the building of more imperial residences on the Palatine Hill by subsequent Roman emperors led to the use of Palatium to mean "the emperor's residence." In Late and Medieval Latin palatium became a generic noun denoting any royal or imperial residence, as well as the royal court and royal authority, and then any princely house or manor of a lord.
Perhaps there are fewer epochs in the long history of Ancient Rome from which the Founders drew their analogies and that can serve as a truer mirror of our own time and our own fading Republic than that of the reign of Caesar Augustus.
In the Towneley plays, "Caesar Augustus" is a vain, foolish braggart throughout.
The Greek word was also used as a title for the biographies of famous men, like Caesar Augustus. Christians put that title to their stories of Jesus.
Accommodation sorted, it was time to put Charlie's plan into action so we met at Nobles Bar in Constitution Street for a pint of the wonderful Caesar Augustus Lager - one of my favourites - to discuss the details of Charlie's research.
The whole world (per Caesar Augustus) was to be taxed so everybody had to go to their hometown and pay their due.
The Duce is thus the new Caesar Augustus. The image of the Duce was an ever-present reality in Italian life.
Scallops, cauliflower and grapes will be matched with Scottish lager/IPA hybrid Caesar Augustus, and lamb shank with pickled onion and tomato will be teamed with an imperial brown ale from Norwegian craft brewer Nogne.
14, Caesar Augustus, Rome's first emperor, died at age 76 after a reign lasting four decades; he was succeeded by his stepson Tiberius.
It was ordered by the Roman senate to honour Caesar Augustus for his conquest, through three military campaigns, of the 44 Alpine tribes that had traditionally occupied this region.
August's named after a dude called Caesar Augustus, and that's a name not often associated with tea and doilies.
Mary is setting out to separate fact from fiction about the Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus - nick-named Caligula.
He, however, undoubtedly drew his analysis from the statements of Caesar Augustus himself, who likened conquests to fishing with a golden fishhook, where the expected payoff had to be measured against the risk (Starr 1982, 19).