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Synonyms for Caesalpiniaceae

spiny trees, shrubs, or perennial herbs, including the genera Caesalpinia, Cassia, Ceratonia, Bauhinia

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Cactaceae Opuntia cochenillifera (L.) Mill Caesalpiniaceae Aeschynomene viscidula Michx Caesalpinia ferrea Martins Caesalpinia leiostachya Cicer arietinum L.
Caesalpiniaceae Aldina latifolia Caesalpiniaccae Crudia amazonica Caesalpiniaceae Cynometra sp.
French Breakfast Caesalpiniaceae Cassia floribunda no infection Cassia occidentalis no infection Caricacene Carica papaya cv.
The stigmatic orifice in cassia, senna and chamaecrista (caesalpiniaceae)-morfological variation, function during pollination, and possible adaptive significance.
These findings are in consonance with the observations reported for aqueous leaf extract of Byrsocarpus coccineus (Connaraceae) [41] and for aqueous whole plant extract of Mezoneuron benthamianum (Caesalpiniaceae) [42].
Schum, NA 43 Caesalpiniaceae, Omukooge T Grassland Fr Tamarindus indica L., NA 29 Zingiberaceae, Matungulu H Wetland Fr Aframomum angustifolium K.
In another investigation, Mohamed and Afaf (2004) reported that the botanical origin of propolis samples from Sudan (Alfaki Hashim, Khartoum State and Al Abbasia, South Kordofan State) came from the following plant families: Mimosaceae, Malvaceae and Caesalpiniaceae. These were the most frequent pollen families (more than 50 grains were found) in Alfaki Hashim, and Mimosaceae was most abundant in the Al Abbasia region.
[48] conducted field surveys in 39 medicinal plant species in India belonging to 28 families, mostly from the Acanthaceae, Apocynaceae, Caesalpiniaceae and Euphorbiaceae, and Scoparia dulcis, Syzygium cumini, and Cicca acida are establish the anti-diabetic plants.