Caesalpinia ferrea

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thornless tree yielding heavy wood

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The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design, with treatments consisting of a 4x5 factorial scheme, with four tree species: Amburana cearensis, Caesalpinia ferrea, Cnidosculus philacanthus, combined with the five treatments tested in the first experiment, with three replicates totaling 60 experimental units.
As observed in the present study, the reduction in germination percentage of Caesalpinia ferrea seeds subjected to different salinity levels also led to a delay in the germination process (Freitas et al., 2010).
Aldose reductase inhibitors from the fruits of Caesalpinia ferrea Mart.
(2010) em estudos conduzidos com Caesalpinia ferrea, os quais verificaram efeitos prejudiciais no IVG a partir da salinidade de 3,0 dS [m.sup.-1].
4 Med Acacia caven (Molina) Molina 1 Fw Bauhinia forficata Link 1 Med Caesalpinia ferrea Mart.
(2008) para o crescimento de mudas de Caesalpinia ferrea sob diferentes niveis de luminosidade, em que o sombreamento natural apresentou valores de RAF duas vezes superior a media dos demais tratamentos.