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Synonyms for Caenolestes

type genus of the family Caenolestidae

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GARDNER (2005) Clase: Mammalia Subclase: Theria Orden: Didelphimorphia Familia: Didelphidae Subfamilia: Caluromyinae Generos: Caluromys Caluromysiops Giironia Subfamilia: Didelphinae Generos: Chironectes Lutreolina Philander Metachirus Gracilinanus Marmosa Micoureus Monodelphis Didelphis Thylamys Lestodelphis Orden: Paucituberculata Familia: Caenolestidae Generos: Caenolestes lestoros Rhyncholestes
On the organ of Jacobson and some other structures in the nose of Caenolestes.
Perez-Hernandez Oriental, & Ventura, 2006 flanco oriental Philander Colombia: 0-1600 opossum ausente de (Linnaeus, Caribe y 1758) Orinoquia PAUCITUBERCULATA Familia Caenolestidae Caenolestes Thomas, 1895 Caenolestes Andina: Cord.
A second contribution to the mammalogy of Ecuador with some remarks on Caenolestes.