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an antibiotic used as an anticancer drug

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Additional search terms are the brand name of doxorubicin which includes DOX-SL, Lipo-Dox, Doxil, Caelyx, Lipo-Dox, and DaunoXome.
EP572,049B1 and EP445,131B1, based on the sales of Caelyx.
Since the agreement was put in place, the affiliate of Merck has held rights to CAELYX in Europe and associated countries, Canada, Latin America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan).
Doxil and Caelyx are PEGylated liposomes encapsulating the drug doxorubicin.
Sales of CAELYX (pegylated liposomal doxorubicin hydrochloride) for the treatment of ovarian cancer, metastatic breast cancer and Kaposi's sarcoma, were $70 million for the third quarter of 2010.
Schering-Plough has exclusive rights under a licensing agreement to market the drug as Caelyx in the rest of the world, excluding Japan and Israel.
Prior Information Notice: Provision of Medicine caelyx.
Abraxane, Alimta, Arimidex, Aromasin, Avastin, BMS-217380-01, BMS-247550, CAELYX, CCI-779, Faslodex, Femara, Fenretinide, Gleevec, GTI-2040, Herceptin, Iressa, ISIS-2503, Lapatinib, Nolvadex, Sarasar, SDX-105, Tarceva, Theratope Velcade, Zarnestra, Zoladex ZD0473 and many other that are in an earlier stage of development.
Arimidex, Aromasin, Alimta, Avastin, Bay 43-9006, Bexxar, BMS-247550, CAELYX, Campath, Camptosar, CCI-779, Edotecarin, Erbitux, Eloxatin, Faslodex, Gemzar, Gleevec, Herceptin, IMC-BEC2, Iressa, Lapatinib, MelVax, PTK787, PI-88, Revlimid, SARASAR, SU11248, Tarceva, Temodal, Thalomid,Tirazone, Velcade, Xeloda, Xcytrin
Nevertheless, the comparison between periods is affected by the sale of raw materials to partner Janssen Pharmaceuticals for 3 million euro in 1H11, and by the fact that the supply of Caelyx had not yet been interrupted in 1H11.
4-1BBL, 506U78, Actimmune, Ad-IFNg, AlloMune, AMD-3100, Aplidin, ASIbcl, Atragen, Avastin, BCX1777, B-E8, Beta LT, Bexxar, Caelyx, Calsed, Campath, Clofarabine, CMC-544, CpG-7909, Depocyte, Edodekin Alpha, Elsamitrucin, FAVID, Fludara, FR-901228, Ganite, GEMZAR, GENASENSE, GRN163, GTI-2040, GTOP-99, hA20, HMR1275, HSPPC-96, Hu1D10, hum291, HuMax, IDEC-114, IDEC-152, IDIOVAX, Intron A, INX-3280, ISF-154, KiroMAb, LY317615, Lymphocide, Lymphorad131, MDX-060, MGV, Midostaurin, MT103, NIPENT, NOVATRONE, Oncolym, OncoTCS, Ontak, Orathecin Rubitecan, Parlodel, PEGIntron, Porleukin, Pretarget Lymphoma, PRO64553, Product R, Prothecan, Remitogen, Rituxan, SGN-30, SGN-35, T-900607, TH9402, Thalidomid, Trap, TRISENOX, UCN-01, VAXID, VB2-011, VEGF Trap, VELCADE, Zevalin
As previously announced, SEQUUS has entered into a distribution agreement with Schering-Plough under which Schering-Plough has exclusive rights to distribute, market and sell CAELYX worldwide, except for the United States, Japan and certain other markets.