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Synonyms for Caeciliidae

coextensive with the order Gymnophiona: legless amphibians

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y menos frente a Caeciliidae sp., pero no hubo diferencias entre los dos hemipteros, ni de estos con las otras dos presas (Cuadro 2).
In the mature phase of Caeciliidae embryos, the mid gills of Gymnnopis multiplicata are almost twice longer than the front and rear gills (Wake); by contrast, the mid gills of Hypogeophis rostratus are slightly longer than the front and rear gills (Brauer, 1899; Marcus, 1907).
Smilisca phaeota Leptodactylidae Leptodactylus ventrimaculatus Microhylidae Ranidae Nelsonophryne aterrima Lithobates vaillanti Pristimantis achatinus Strabomantidae Pristimantis labiosus Caudata Pristimantis latidiscus Pristimantis parvillus Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa biseriata Bolitoglossa medemi Oedipina parvipes Gymnophiona Caeciliidae Caecilia guntheri TOTAL 12 27 Orden Ind.
Bolitoglossa peruviana (Boulenger, 1883) 200-800 Orden Gymnophiona Familia Caeciliidae 521.