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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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of samples examined External surface 20 Heart 20 Intestine 20 Kidney 20 Left gill 20 Liver 20 Oral cavity 20 Muscle 20 Pyloric caeca 20 Right gill 20 Stomach 20 Vent 20 Total positive fish organs 240 Water samples from lakes 11 Fish organ and tissue No.
The histological organization of the caeca was identical to that of the anterior and posterior intestine but with less villi and goblet cells.
The digestive tract of each fish was individually divided into five segments: stomach (ST), pyloric caeca (PC), and intestine in three sections (proximal (PI), middle (MI) and distal intestine (DI).
Proventriculus and gastric caeca.--In all species, the crop terminates in a muscular proventriculus, originating at the base of the second or third thoracic segment.
Two fairly large testes, deeply and irregularly lobed lying in middle of body on either side of midline between intestinal caeca. In some specimens testes slightly displaced one in front of other but mostly opposed (Fig.
Testis dorsal to germarium, spherical, 42 (31-65, n = 11) in diameter; vas deferens elongate; conspicuous seminal vesicle; prostatic reservoir at level of anterior portion of caeca. Germarium pyriform 53 (39-70, n = 4) long, 22 (20-26, n = 4) wide; dextrolateral vaginal duct slightly sclerotised, 86 (60-120, n = 12) long, opening into central seminal receptacle.
Oesophagus 69-115 long by 8-10 wide, delicate, splitting in front of acetabulum in two intestinal caeca. Acetabulum, 45-53 long by 43-51 wide, possessing 4 sensorial papillae at its openings.
The Campaign Against Expansion at Coventry Airport (CAECA) has organised a meeting against the expansion of the UK airport.
So, we compared gut length (in progress), pyloric caeca number and arrangement (in progress), and biochemical activity of four digestive enzymes (pepsin, trypsin, amylase and lipase) in juvenile (40-80 mm SL) and adult (242-414 mm SL) fish collected from the Rio Puerto Viejo, a tropical rain forest stream in northeastern Costa Rica.
He noted, "The contents of the crop are acid; the contents of the gizzard are more acid than those of the proventriculus; the contents of the duodenum and upper portion of the small intestine are less acid than the contents of the crop; the contents of the lower portion of the small intestine, caeca and large intestine are approximately neutral." However, he goes on to say, "The fowl's digestive tract is well adapted to take care of all normal changes in the feed and water ingested." Thus, they should not react quickly to a sudden change in diet or water acidity.
In sea stars of both sexes, estrogens may promote biosynthesis of protein in the pyloric caeca and its subsequent mobilization into the gonads (Schoenmakers and Dieleman, 1981; Voogt and Dieleman, 1984; Voogt et al., 1985; Xu and Barker, 1990).
2.48), and (iii) the low frequency of the phenomenon is surely another argument against the interpretation of nomina caeca as noun and adjective in agreement at line-end at Silvae 2.6.8 (not mentioned by H.-J.
Body length (BL), body width (BW), acetabulum diameter minimum (AD min), acetabulum diameter maximum (AD max), pharynx length (PL), pharynx width (PW), pharynx one half width (P1/2 W), oesophagus length (Oes L), intestinal caeca length (InL), anterior testis length (T1L), anterior testis width (T1W), posterior testis length (T2L), posterior testis width (T2W), ovary length (Ov L), ovary width (Ov W), mehli's gland length (MGL), mehli's gland width (MGL), egg length (EL) and egg width (EW).