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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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The intestinal caeca were almost straight and run longitudinally along the length of the body reaching the acetabular region.
The digestive tract of each fish was individually divided into five segments: stomach (ST), pyloric caeca (PC), and intestine in three sections (proximal (PI), middle (MI) and distal intestine (DI).
These pouches are the "gastric caeca" occasionally mentioned in the literature: however, their tissue lacks a differentiated luminal epithelium relative to the anterior midgut, nor do they harbor large quantities of symbiotic microbes, and thus may not be considered "true" caeca (Beadle 1972, Shelomi et al.
Uterus consists of numerous loops, runs between testes and vitellarium to reach genital pore, loops rarely extend laterally beyond caeca (Fig.
Tegument spinose, to the level of intestinal caeca.
He noted, "The contents of the crop are acid; the contents of the gizzard are more acid than those of the proventriculus; the contents of the duodenum and upper portion of the small intestine are less acid than the contents of the crop; the contents of the lower portion of the small intestine, caeca and large intestine are approximately neutral.
In sea stars of both sexes, estrogens may promote biosynthesis of protein in the pyloric caeca and its subsequent mobilization into the gonads (Schoenmakers and Dieleman, 1981; Voogt and Dieleman, 1984; Voogt et al.
48), and (iii) the low frequency of the phenomenon is surely another argument against the interpretation of nomina caeca as noun and adjective in agreement at line-end at Silvae 2.
Anatomy and Histology of the Pyloric Caeca in Five Species of Fish of the Characidae Family
The familiar characteristics of this family were: the presence of annular muscular thickness; sub-terminal oral sucker; caeca simple and extending up to caudal end; esophagus absent or present; Cirrus pouch absent; testes are intracaecal or extracaecal located diagonally or symmetrically, in the second third of the body; ovary anterior to testes, vitellaria commencing at the level of the testes and parasitic in urinary tract of birds (Kharoo, 2012).