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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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It is only right that CAECA should play a part in the consultative process.
Hence the present study was designed to evaluate various vegetable protein supplements for its mineral bioavailability and to assess the impact of caeca on mineral absorption.
CAECA is drawing attention to the Department for Transport (DfT) recommendations on how such committees should be run.
Lia Border, of CAECA, also said: "It should be noted that, remarkably, there has still been no consultation on matters related to the passenger terminal planning application.
compactum presented a foliaceous body, slightly concave in the ventral face and with a small conical segment in the posterior region; a small subterminal oral sucker, two lateral pseudosuckers in the anterior region; oval pharynx, short esophagus, intestinal caeca ending near the posterior region; oval holdfast (tribocytic organ).
Briefly, each bird was investigated for intestinal parasites by microscopic examination (x400) of smears from the duodenum, jejunum, and caeca.
D XII-XIV (XIII), 12-14 (14); A III, 6-8 (8); P1 17-19 (18), 4-9 (6) simple; lateral-line pores 30-34 (31), scales 42-57; infraorbital spines 2-10 (9); gill rakers 29-34 (8-10 + 21-24) (31:9+22); vertebrae 27 (10+17); pyloric caeca 9-12.
One unambiguous but weak synapomorphy supports Leucauge + (Sancus + tetragnathines): posterior gut caeca (character 11 of Hormiga et al.
So, we compared gut length (in progress), pyloric caeca number and arrangement (in progress), and biochemical activity of four digestive enzymes (pepsin, trypsin, amylase and lipase) in juvenile (40-80 mm SL) and adult (242-414 mm SL) fish collected from the Rio Puerto Viejo, a tropical rain forest stream in northeastern Costa Rica.
He noted, "The contents of the crop are acid; the contents of the gizzard are more acid than those of the proventriculus; the contents of the duodenum and upper portion of the small intestine are less acid than the contents of the crop; the contents of the lower portion of the small intestine, caeca and large intestine are approximately neutral.
Purification and characterization of trypsin-like enzyme from the pyloric caeca of cod (Gadus morhua) II.
The surface pits penetrating the margin of the valve supposedly housed temporary caeca, whose development depends on the growth of the valve.