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Synonyms for cadre

Synonyms for cadre

a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement

a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion

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There are allegations that women cadres of CPI (Maoist), who become pregnant, are forced to undergo abortion against their will.
Democracy, socialism, secularism and equality are the bedrock of Congress and the NE region is a strong forte of the party while Seva Dal cadres are spread up to village level in remote Arunachal, he said and urged the cadres to disseminate information about flagship programmes implemented by the UPA-I and II to benefit people at the grassroots.
3) At the other end of the spectrum, there are excellent micro accounts of how local cadres nurtured and encouraged private sector development after the reform, but it remains unclear why only cadres in certain localities in China adapted local corporatist strategies (Oi 1995), or tolerated various informal coping strategies used by rural entrepreneurs to circumvent restrictive regulations and discriminatory policies (Huang 2007; Tsai 2007).
According to a Party handbook published in 1958, cadres included the following personnel: (1) employees from clerical personnel and above; (2) industrial technicians; (3) agro-technicians; (4) maritime technicians; (5) public health technicians of middle level and above; (6) scientific technicians; (8) news and publishing personnel; (8) teaching personnel; (9) personnel in culture and the arts; (10) and translators.
The official further said that inclusion of other technical cadres in the general cadres is against the seniority Rules of 1993 as each cadres has separate line of promotion and the inclusion of all the officials in BS-11 to 15 for the promotion to the post of Assistant Director and condition of qualifying test of 300 marks is serious violation and example of discrimination among assistants and all other staff.
Rajkamal, a 1994- batch Chhattisgarh cadre officer who completed MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, resigned from the civil service to join McKinsey.
Allegations that women Naxal cadres who become pregnant are forced to undergo abortions against their will are also rife, the House was told.
Albanians are interested but do not have support for these contests," says Biljali adding that the Albanian political factor should be careful with the ethnic representation of Albanian cadres in the cabinet of the Prime Minister.
La reunion avait examine un nombre de questions concernant notamment les travaux relatifs aux commissions qui sont creees dont celle chargee de fixer un plafond salarial pour les cadres universitaires du corps professeral et les employes, ainsi que la commission pour le choix des cadres universitaires, et la commission permanente pour les postes-cles pour les employes.
We were sipping tea outside the college and also talking about our participation in the peace rally when the YCL cadres forced us inside the college and attacked us," Tiwari said.
Hua Nan Bank will recruit 250 personnel, including reserve cadres and sales agents; First Bank will release 100 job opportunities, including reserve cadres and sales agents; Mega International Bank will hire 80 up to 120 personnel, this year.
The Cadre, fashioned after a discussion group in Mississippi, was established in 2004 to give black men a chance to read black literature and to facilitate discussions about relevant social issues.
Schneider in his recent Cadres For Conservatism: Young Americans for Freedom Rise of the Contemporary Right (New York University Press).
The meeting recalled that after the upgradation of the clerks the provincial government on the protest of other cadres' employees formed a committee to prepare recommendations for the upgradation of the rest of the government servants cadres but so far the government has not paid any heed to the recommendations of the committee.
Ainsi, l'espace cadres PPS de la region de Casablanca reprendra ses activites a partir du 02 mars 2013 avec l'organisation d'une table ronde sous le theme : [beaucoup moins que]Quelle(s) reforme(s) pour les systemes de retraite au Maroc ?