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Synonyms for cadre

Synonyms for cadre

a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement

a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion

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"The Chairman Federal Public Service Commission Rana Bhagwandas has refused to implement the judgment of Federal Service Tribunal because for implementing the judgment he will have to take back its earlier decision of giving promotions to eight non-general cadres in the general cadres," said an official who wished not to be named.
And we thank the Iraqi Press Media, who had supported the Agency, since its establishment, especially the Institutions that participated in its news services since 2009, along with expressing gratitude for its press cadre, with the first ones, who participated in its establishment and those that followed them, including the Lady and Gentlemen Colleagues, telling them: 'We wish you and Aswat al-Iraq every goodness and progress." EDITORIAL BOARD
Minister Gunasekera said out of the remainining cadres 1000 of them are hard core cadres against whom there are allegations of murder and other criminal charges.
According to him, the party will bring in a large number of cadres to the Capital and manage good food for them in a couple of days and announce a final agitation.
Our cadre members are rescuing the stranded people in flood-affected areas, along with the rescue forces.
They said that general cadre doctors under the rules were required to be involved in patients' care at the hospitals.
The transferred officers included three Directors of Executive cadre, two Directors of Architecture Wing, two Directors (Civil), Four ( Deputy Directors (Civil), Three Deputy Directors Electrical and Mechanical Wing, Two Deputy Directors Planning Wing, three Deputy Directors Architecture Wing, Four Deputy Directors Finance, Audit and Accounts Wing, one Deputy Director of Executive cadre , one Deputy Director Security cadre, seven Audit and Accounts officer, two Statistical and Evaluation officers, 21 Divisional Accounts Officers, 16 Assistant Accounts Officers, 26 Assistant Director (Civil), 15 Assistant Director Electrical and Mechanical, eight Assistant Director Executive Cadre, one Marketing Manager, one Assistant Manager, one Documentation Officer and 31 Private Secretaries.
No fewer than 800 officers are to be recruited to fill vacancies for Superintendent cadre, while 2,400 are to fill that of Customs Inspector and Customs Assistant cadre.
The RPP cadres had launched protesting programmes demanding the restoration of Hindu state.
Sulaymaniyah / NINA / -The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) refused to meet with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) before releasing its detained cadres.
LAHORE -- A 14-year long dispute between two cadres of the provincial civil service is going to be resolved soon as the Provincial Service Tribunal (PST) is set to announce its decision in few days.
Muscat, Jan.3 (ONA) The Supreme Council of Planning, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration, will conclude on Thursday a national project to prepare national cadres in the field of feasibility studies and development projects, which are part of the initiatives to promote economic diversification supported and followed up by the implementation support and follow-up unit.
A spokesman for the Police Department told that presently out of the allotted quota of 113 posts of PSP cadres for KP from BPS-18-21, only 48 were working while 65 posts were still vacant.