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Synonyms for cadre

Synonyms for cadre

a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement

a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion

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We are losing interest in the management cadre, which was established in 2011 with much fanfare, as the government has yet to develop a service structure for us,' said a district education officer working in BPS-19 since its appointment long ago.
The deceased cadres were identified as Prasenjit Mushahary and Sobin Boro of the NDFB who were also involved in the kidnapping of Mahendra Rai, Manager of Pyrdung Coal Quarry on December 4, who was kept in custody in the hideout and was rescued safely later.
Mr Batshu said out of 13 officers in the senior/strategic management cadre in his ministry, nine had master's degree while four had first degrees.
Le cadre--Approches croisees entre arts et medias, precieux recueil d'essais, paru en 2015, d'un collectif de doctorants de l'Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle, invite a explorer le << cadre >> en tant que dispositif creatif et plateforme, point de contact entre deux mondes, celui des arts et celui des medias.
3) At the other end of the spectrum, there are excellent micro accounts of how local cadres nurtured and encouraged private sector development after the reform, but it remains unclear why only cadres in certain localities in China adapted local corporatist strategies (Oi 1995), or tolerated various informal coping strategies used by rural entrepreneurs to circumvent restrictive regulations and discriminatory policies (Huang 2007; Tsai 2007).
After the 1949 revolution in China, cadres usually referred to people with responsible or leading positions (fuzeren/lingdaoren) within an organisation, or people who assumed responsibility for specific political tasks.
These include Rajiv Talwar, who resigned from the post of additional director- general in the tourism ministry to join the realty major DLF; Prakash Kumar, who left the post of secretary in the Delhi government to join the IT firm Cisco Systems; and Ravi Kant, an officer of the West Bengal cadre who joined the Ramky Group.
Recently in Chhattisgarh, some surrendered CPI Maoist male cadres disclosed they were forced by the senior leadership to undergo a vasectomy operation as a pre-condition for marriage with women cadres," he said.
Summary: Le recteur de l'Universite du Caire, Dr Hossam Kamel, a affirme hier dimanche, que la commission chargee d'evaluer le SMIC pour les cadres universitaires, avait commence a fixer un plafond salarial pour tous, qui sera applique a partir du mois de janvier 2012.
This, despite the financial crisis the agency is facing; to continue its genuine press message, which is achieved by its cadres in special, and the press media in general, based on its active concepts, stemming from vocation, balance and neutrality.
According to Azemi, in Macedonia, the successful cadres are stopped at the middle of their careers and other cadres, who have no connection to the function they were appointed, get promotions overnight.
Minister Gunasekera, talking to Asian Tribune , said his investigation has amply revealed that thousands innocent civilians have been killed in the three decade long ethnic conflict besides the cadres.
The college is currently being used as a shelter for Maoist cadres who are in the Capital for their protest programmes.
For instance, Fubon Financial Holding Company plans to hire 20-25 reserve cadres and Cathay Financial Holding Company's Cathay United Bank will recruit 30 prospective cadres this year.
because that's the start of the Cadres meetings," says Granderson Glenn II, owner of the gallery/cafe at 221 West Burgess Street, which specializes in literature and artworks by African Americans and Africans.