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By 2004, the law office of Forejtova & Cadra consisted of four lawyers, three assistants, and a full-time receptionist.
The Thai House, along with the six other founding members of Cadra, have set up an appeal fund to support the millions of people left homeless by disaster.
Other than trafficking (2) a password (which is called a CADRA "technological access barrier" (TAB)), the violation must be with knowledge and with intent to cause harm or loss.
Infestation of stored saw palmetto berries by Cadra cautella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and the host paradox in stored-product insects.
Halverson, Kayla Brooke Hester, Holly Anne Huntley, Kevin Boland Johnson, Martin Wayne McCoy, Cadra Peterson McDaniel, Cassandra E.
La pronta risposta della guerriera--soltanto chi evita di duellare non cadra mai da cavallo (14)--(VII, 68, 3-8) esprime, nonostante il tono apparentemente consolatorio, la divertita e canzonatoria opinione che Meridiana si e fatta della performance di Ulivieri.
Timed, metered sprays of pheromone disrupt mating of Cadra cautella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Mrs Ramasut and her husband have now joined other members of the recently formed Cardiff and District Restaurateurs Association (Cadra) to start an appeal fund.
In Mulla Cadra's theory of trans-substantial motion, every being has a graded reality which retains its identity despite its gradation.
Il mio cadavere almeno non cadra fra le braccia straniere; il mio nome sara sommessamente compianto da' pochi uomini buoni, compagni delle nostre miserie; e le mie ossa poseranno su la terra de' miei padri.
Equipment includes SDRC Ideas, Solid-works and Cadra CAD, CNC milling, CNC lathe, CNC EDM, and wire EDM.
The charitable idea came about thanks to the Cardiff and District Restaurateurs' Association (Cadra) which was formed last month to support members of the restaurant business across the area.