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(Greek mythology) the brother of Europa and traditional founder of Thebes in Boeotia

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Ipswitch's WS_FTP will be used to transfer the data generated and stored on MARES' hard drive to a monitoring laptop and then down to Cadmos, the scientific support facility at the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), which is in charge of monitoring the experiments.
CADMOS methodology is a collection of specific process models, methods, CASE tools, standards, and documentation aids whose purpose is to assist with the development of a quality, web-based learning system on time and within the limits of resources through a controllable and quality oriented process.
As president and CEO at Silicon Software, Lall was instrumental in accelerating sales growth for many of the former leading-edge EDA companies such as Sente (acquired by Frequency Technology), Triquest (acquired by Summit Design), Ultima Interconnect (acquired by Cadence), Frontline Design Automation (acquired by Avanti), CadMOS (acquired by Cadence), Plato Design (acquired by Cadence), Q Design (acquired by Cadence), and Brion Technology (acquired by ASML).
The fair, organized by the university in cooperation with the Cadmos Association, opened with support from the Italian Embassy and the telecommunications company Alfa.
EUROPA system will slowly change the existing CADMOS cable system, also linking Lebanon and Cyprus, offering a high-quality alternative route.
At the same time, EUROPA will be complementing the existing CADMOS and IMEWE systems, to offer an alternative routing and improve resilience.
The cable, which has been labeled the Europa Cable System, will provide an alternative route to the existing CADMOS cable system which connects the two countries.
Cadmos cerca Europa: il Sud fra il Mediterraneo e l'Europa.
We were, and continue to be, extremely impressed with their ability to meet our requirements and in Oerlikon Solar's clear upgrade path to ensure our competitiveness in the market," said David Naranjo Villalonga, CEO of Cadmos / Gadir Solar.
The ministry added that it was working with the authorities in Egypt and Cyprus, in coordination with Ogero, the state-run land-line operator, to rectify the situation by linking Lebanon to Cyprus' submarine Internet cables -- ALEXANDROS and CADMOS -- via the existing cable infrastructure.
This upgrade is to be performed in conjunction with similar upgrades on the Cadmos and Berytar submarine cable systems, together forming a high-capacity resilient ring between Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon.
The poet Giuseppe Goffredo, in Cadmos cerca Europa, talks explicitly about this epochal sense of shame that invested the whole of Italian culture since the years of the economic miracle: "Il sentimento di vergogna [.
Silicon Software was responsible for the rapid adoption and proliferation of leading-edge technologies from companies including Brion Technology, CadMOS, Plato, Circuit Semantics, Celestry, and Kilopass.
Sehnaoui added that his ministry would seek an urgent solution by linking Lebanon to Cyprus' submarine Internet cables -- ALEXANDROS and CADMOS -- via the already existing cable infrastructure.
USVP partners have been the lead investors in such notable industry leaders as Sun Microsystems (SUNW), SanDisk (SNDK), Check Point Software Technologies (CHKP), Artisan Components (acquired by ARM: ARMHY), CADMOS (acquired by Cadence: CDN), EPIC Design (acquired by Synopsys: SNPS), PDF Solutions (PDFS), and Stratacom/Cisco (CSCO), in the information technology sectors, and Amgen (AMGN), where USVP founding partner Bill Bowes was the founding seed investor.