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an ancient port city in southwestern Spain

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Cadiz City Agriculture Officer Enrique Escares III said the local government should prioritize assistance for rice and vegetable production.
Robert Mansueto, acting Cadiz police chief, said the priest allegedly kissed the girl and touched her genitals on several occasions.
There was also a treasure hunt in the city, live bands, a flamenco show and a warm welcome and commemorative plaque presentation by the Mayor of Cadiz, Jose Maria Gonzalez Santos.
'The people got confused as loitering is not a crime and yet there were arrests,' Cadiz said.
First prize went to University of Cadiz students whose project centered around the design and development of an automatic measuring device to collect information on various elements affecting the environmental quality of fresh water.
Para alcancarmos resposta ao presente problema de pesquisa, buscamos, atraves de uma perspectiva metodologica que se pauta no Multiplo-dialetico (5), desenvolver, num primeiro momento, o contexto historico de surgimento e desenvolvimento do processo revolucionario de onde se extraiu a Constituicao de Cadiz de 1812, principalmente em relacao ao dialogo que esteve presente, neste contexto, entre a Metropole Espanhola--representativa do Norte Global Dominante--e as Colonias Espanholas--representativas do Sul Global Subalterno.
You don't need a car in Cadiz so if you are not travelling further afield, use public transport.
That run includes a 1-0 win away to Cadiz in March when Amath Diedhiou's goal on 87 minutes separated the sides.
Riley & Co., LLC (NASDAQ: RILY) has acted as the sole book-running manager in the underwritten public offering of 1 million shares of common stock for Cadiz Inc., the company said.
A SPANISH court has ruled that a civil servant who failed to show up to work for years in the southern city of Cadiz must pay back nearly 27,000 euros (PS21,000) in wages.