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a brilliant solo passage occurring near the end of a piece of music

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I think he was sort of inventive about how he put the cadenza in the middle of the first movement rather than at the end.
Although Corea's work and that of McFerrin is not the most refined, nor `historically aware' beyond attention to ornaments etc., in K466 their sheer musicality and passion move inexorably to fulfilment in the improvised cadenzas, which are quite marvellous in my opinion.
It is likely that another person would hear different note values, which is one reason why it is worth transcribing cadenzas yourself, rather than reading another person's version.
(3.) The Badura-Skodas offer a very good discussion of this late classical device in their chapter on cadenzas. Eva and Paul Badura-Skoda, Interpreting Mozart on the Keyboard, trans.
Perhaps the most striking novelty from Bartok Records is the set of cadenzas for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos, K.
Beethoven's Violin Concerto does not offer the soloist that much opportunity to dazzle, so we had to wait for the cadenzas to really appreciate the outstanding talents of the Russian-born violinist Vadim Repin.
The first movement is in three large sections separated by short horn cadenzas. The first and last sections are somewhat free and pensive or brooding in character.
Friesenhagen and Ulrich Mazurowicz; Cadenzas by Kurt Gunmer.
Vivaldian violin cadenzas (well played, Robert Heard) intensify the resonances of that seminal work.
Cigleris evidently enjoyed the performance, playing duck-call cadenzas and dissonant notes to an accompaniment of sensitive trills.
Helm's facsimile edition reproduces the cadenzas to C.
The featured artists were William Purvis, Laurel Ohlson, and Genghis Barbie, with sessions on Wagner tuba (Laurel and John Gattis), natural horn (Elizabeth Martignetti), alphorn (Ann), improvising cadenzas (Leslie Hart), pedagogy (panel moderated by Andrew Copper), and horn choir (Danielle Kuhlmann).
Students compete for standard baroque through contemporary repertory prizes, as well as in novel categories, such as original concerto cadenzas, jazz or classical improvisation, versatility, lyricism in slow works, original compositions, works by female composers, and tasteful arrangements or transcriptions.
Cadenzas were marginally happier but mostly unmemorable in content and charm.
The Horn Concerti by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, edited and cadenzas by Eric Ruske.