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a family of North American Indian languages spoken widely in the Midwest by the Caddo

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Eastward recession of the margin of the northeastern Texas piney woods has been brought about by human activities including clearing and burning by Caddoans, timber use for immigrant construction purposes, agricultural clearing by early and current residents, and early and current timber harvest.
Pecan Point was the location of a large Caddoan village on the south side of the Red River which was inhabited in 1815.
Having said all that I want to urge potential readers who are seriously interested in learning about southern Caddoan people to persevere past these scholarly barriers.
From that time in which Caddoan peoples became dependent on European goods, Caddoan-European interaction became less equitable and more dominated by Europeans.
The information he gathered resulted in almost twenty authored or coauthored publications about Caddoan tribes, though only two of these concerned the Caddos proper.
In the 1900s an even smaller group defined themselves as "Hasinai" which means "our people." But these Hasinais could trace their ancestors to different Caddoan villages and in some cases different Caddoan regions.