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a group of Plains Indians formerly living in what is now North and South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas and Arkansas and Louisiana and Oklahoma and Texas

a family of North American Indian languages spoken widely in the Midwest by the Caddo

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In one year, car safety seat use increased from about 56 percent to more than 73 percent in the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, said Program Director Toni Short during a Feb.
Therefore, Caddo stories might have originated in a village that was no longer extant, a Caddo nation, or a Wichita nation.
Sheyahshe's Native Americans in Comic Books: A Critical Study is a substantively useful compendium of indigenous characters in comic books as seen through the perspective of a lover of comics who also is a member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma.
The Caddo Turkey Dance is so emblematic of Caddo identity that it appears on the seal of the Caddo Nation. Participation in an afternoon of Turkey Dancing is open to any would-be participant but is largely a Caddo-only concern.
"The Caddo Nation" Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Perspectives is a volume in the University of Texas Press' Texas Archaeology and Ethnohistory series edited by Thomas R.