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a group of Plains Indians formerly living in what is now North and South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas and Arkansas and Louisiana and Oklahoma and Texas

a family of North American Indian languages spoken widely in the Midwest by the Caddo

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Today Tanner Wilson, Caddo Hill's Senior, surprised his fellow classmate Brandon...
After three years in private practice, he took the CEO job at Caddo First.
13 July 2018 - US-based private equity firm Blue Wolf Capital Partners has closed the sale of Suwannee Lumber Company (Suwannee) and Caddo River Forest Products (Caddo) to Canadian lumber and sustainable forestry company Conifex Timber Inc.
The credit union's name and logo likely cause confusion for customers in Louisiana and Mississippi -- particularly in Bossier and Caddo parishes, it claimed.
Today, Caddo leads Louisiana in death penalty convictions.
Caddo: Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake is as much a visual portrait of a natural history area packed with alligator, fish, and cypress as it as a travelogue capturing a photographer and a historian's impressions of the region, and is a recommendation for any collection interested in the region of Texas and Louisiana in general and the natural history of a little-covered sprawling wilderness in particular.
We herein define southwestern Oklahoma as the 17 counties south of Interstate 40 and west of Interstate 35 (following Tyler, 2000) and include Beckham, Caddo, Carter, Comanche, Cotton, Garvin, Grady, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Jefferson, Kiowa, Love, McClain, Stephens, Tillman, and Washita counties.
Charlotte Hinson, who teaches in a Caddo Parish public school, wrote to the Shreveport Times recently after that newspaper published articles favorable to evolution.
One example of an effort that is working is the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma Tribal Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention Program.
marshal out of Judge Isaac Parker's court in Arkansas, was on assignment in the Indian Nations, in pursuit of a group of white renegades who were in hiding there - above all a particularly vicious renegade named Caddo Pierce.
A native of Caddo Gap, Arkansas, she is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Henderson State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in environmental soil and water science and in park and recreation management.
In the Fall of 1991 Priscilla Walton, on behalf of the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME), approached Caddo Gap Press, at that time a two-year-old company that had recently relocated from Michigan to California, to inquire if we would be interested in collaborating in publishing a quarterly newsletter for NAME.
Project 1, which is scheduled to begin by mid-September, includes the productive zones Cook Sands, Hardy B Sands, Swastika, Cross-Cut, Patio A-D Sands, Palo Pinto, Caddo Reef, Mississippian and Ellenberger Limestone.
Day quoted an "old Caddo relative" of his who said: "I used to go outside and hold my hands up and bless myself with the sun--a'hat.