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A total of 9,367 adult male caddisfly specimens representing thirteen families and 99 species of caddisflies were collected (Table 1, figure 2).
Inter-sex differences were only slight, with molluscs and caddisflies slightly more important in the diet of males and chironomids taken slightly more by females.
Studies of Neotropical caddisflies, XIV: on a collection from northern Argentina.
New species of caddisflies from Puerto Rico (Trichoptera).
Juveniles are known to also feed on larval insects, such as mayflies and caddisflies, and adults are primarily bottom feeders whose diet consists mostly of fishes, mollusks, and crayfishes (Daiber, 1952; Edsall, 1967; Griswold and Tubb, 1977; Wahl et al.
The number of EPT taxa was lower at Sites 3 and 4, with the primary EPT taxa observed at Site 3 being caddisflies (Trichoptera).
They eat a wide variety of organisms, with aquatic insects such as dragonfly larvae, midges, mayflies and caddisflies making up the bulk of their diet.
Most of the species are aquatic insects, represented by immature stages of mayflies, dragonflies, damselflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, flies, and beetles.
There is also a lack of bankside vegetation providing cover, food and shade, especially important for invertebrates such as mayfly, stoneflies and caddisflies which many fish and birds such as the dipper, depend upon.
They hope to see up to 100 different moth species, plus many beetles and caddisflies.
We examined assemblages of caddisflies from 93 sites on streams during summers (May-September) of 2003 and 2004 to test whether a priori defined regions have discrete communities of caddisflies across the semi-arid landscape of the Lower Colorado River Basin, and to determine which species make the greatest contribution to assemblages in these discrete communities.
Differences were especially large for gastropods, leeches, caddisflies, mayflies, and chironomids.