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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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Previous studies have shown that fixed anatomy cadavers could be sources of different bacterial species, and the risks involved in this discovery are cause for concern (Demiryurek et al.; Tabaac et al.).
As Wilkenfeld continued to manipulate the cadaver, he zoomed in and out and rotated cross-sectional views and pointed out features.
This study examines the efficacy of simulation and cadaver models in teaching tube thoracostomy and the effect on a resident's clinical success.
The Nursing Simulation Lab, Synthetic Cadaver Lab, Synthetic Canine Cadaver Lab, Advanced Driving Simulator Lab and Electronic Medical Record stations also enable students to master industry-relevant skills and critical healthcare technology.
The groups were then rotated at four supervised stations teaching pleural ultrasonography using patients and Abrams' closed pleural biopsy and small-bore pleural drains placement using sheep cadaver chest.
From the sanctioning of the federal law 8501, which regulates the destination of legally unclaimed cadavers for educational and research purposes, the difficulties faced by higher education institutions to acquire them have been increasing (Melo & Pinheiro, 2010).
The point of the research is to improve the training of "cadaver dogs" whose speciality is sniffing out dead bodies.
(6.) Dotinga R Med Schools cut out cadavers University of California at Los Angeles Med-Tech Health2003.http:wwwwiredcom/Medtech/health/news/2003/05/58733.
A team led by Ardeshir Bayat at England's University of Manchester has found that skin taken from cadavers can heal acute wounds, such as burns, as well as painful ulcers that do not easily heal by themselves.
Embalmed, the cadavers could sit at room temperature for years without decomposition.
An austere doctor's office with three cadavers laid out on stainless-steel examination tables awaited students from seven Illinois high schools.
The present study was done on 30 human cadavers at dissection hall, Anatomy department, CU Shah medical college, Surendranagar during the period of 2010-2013.
They were also afraid that their pets might have eaten human cadavers, the same report said, adding that residents were relieved when policemen were deployed to guard cadaver bags from stray dogs.