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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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22%) cadavers with the celiac trunk presenting their three arteries trifurcating at the same level, forming the Haller's tripod (Fig.
Roach explores both past and current uses for human cadavers, including having surgery practiced on them, being dissected for research or education, being part of experiments, being forensic evidence, decaying under controlled conditions on a "body farm," testing bullets, serving as crash test dummies, being served as dinner, and more.
In this macabre game of musical chairs, with music replaced by timed silence punctuated by a ringing bell, I make my way to my cadaver.
However, the considerations above suggest that the hurling of plague cadavers might well have occurred as de' Mussi claimed, and if so, that this biological attack was probably responsible for the transmission of the disease from the besiegers to the besieged.
Faculty members determined that radiologic science students could use the cadavers to practice actual radiographic procedures, including palpation of external body surface markings, perfect tissue-equivalent simulations and immediate radiographic analysis.
Scotti and his associates used a 30-pound push pull force gauge transducer to measure the breaking force of the presacral fascia at different levels in the cadavers.
Zhosa cattle are slaughtered as are various animals in the elder Stubbs's slaughterhouse; cadavers, such as that of a pregnant African woman, are dissected; Philadelphia is ravaged by plague; an unnamed white man nears death in his isolated cabin where his wife's corpse molders.
To create prints, these researchers applied a coating of baby oil and petroleum jelly to their hands and then touched areas of skin on the cadavers.
The number of people waiting for kidney transplants continues to increase each year while the number of cadaver donors has remained virtually stable," notes Jeffrey Lowell, a transplant surgeon and the study's lead investigator.
Although Taddeo was probably dissecting cadavers a decade before the postmortem of Azzolino in 1302, the first unambiguous account of such a dissection refers to 1316 and appears in the influential anatomy textbook of his student Mondino de' Liuzzi.
This would be especially valuable to schools who do not have the opportunity to see the structures in cadavers.
learning the latest in tools and implants by working with the cadavers.
Jo-ar Herrera, the spokesperson of the Task Force Marawi, blamed the erroneous figures that the military had previously released to double-counting of cadavers.