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any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking

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These include military, police, bomb-sniffing, drug-sniffing, search and rescue, and cadaver dogs.
Lorna, 25, from Ilminster in Somerset, scored first class honours for her BSc degree in forensic and analytical science and is now close to finishing her PhD, entitled The Identification and Quantification of Gaseous Products in relation to Cadaver Dog Efficiency that had been devised by the forensic anthropologist Dr Anna Williams.
In February, for instance, cadaver dog evidence helped convict a suburban Chicago man, Aurelio Montano, of killing his wife.
Our plan would be to send a small team of eight people with two dogs - a search and rescue dog to find survivors, and a cadaver dog to locate dead people.
The leaked Portuguese prosecutors report also casts doubt on the reason why a cadaver dog apparently detected a "scent of death" in the Algarve holiday apartment where the young girl went missing last summer.
The cadaver dog picked up a "scent of death" on everything from Kate McCann's clothes to missing Madeleine's favourite soft toy Cuddle Cat, according to reports.
Instead, he referred to the blunt-force trauma wounds found on Dylan's skull and the fact that a cadaver dog could sniff out traces of a dead body on Mark's truck and clothes 6 evidence which was collected back in 2012, shortly after Dylan disappeared.
We are working on good information and our cadaver dog Ronnie has worked the area well.
Investigators, including a state police officer and cadaver dog, combed through the debris into the late Tuesday afternoon.
Doug Roller, chief dog trainer for the LAPD, said he understands the distinct differences between handling a patrol dog and handling a cadaver dog.
Investigators - including a state police officer and cadaver dog - combed through the debris into the late afternoon.
The cadaver dog is one of the resources we can use.
Mr Heron said a cadaver dog had also reacted to "three specific areas" in the garage at the office in Edinburgh where Suzanne and Gilroy worked.