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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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It was reported that in January-October 2017, the number of applications submitted to the territorial subdivisions of the cadastre system increased by 20.
The coordinates of the origin of Ott's system of coordinates in the stable cadastre system are as follows:
The invaluable role played by GIS in developing and managing an effective land cadastre system has been recognized by the Ethiopian government as enunciated in its proclamation 456/2005 on Land Administration and Use.
Open Competition: Implementation Of Works On Modernization Of Information-Analytical System Maintain Inventory Of Specially Protected Natural Territories Of The Krasnodar Territory (Department Automated Cadastre System Of Specially Protected Natural Territories Of The Krasnodar Territory)
The Agency is developing a legal cadastre system for 23 urban areas of the country.
The goal of the project is to improve the efficiency and accessibility of the real property registry and cadastre system as part of the national e-Government structure and services.
This is according to the Official Real Estate Cadastre System from Berlin to public buildings with apartments, building special use.
Moreover, it is also envisioned that the project will support the development of a digitized mineral cadastre system.
The new national urban legal cadastre system will come into effect following twenty two months.