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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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In the ideal, once negotiations for the acquisition of such land have been concluded, the acquired portions of land should be quickly surveyed, the cadastral map amended and the land register updated to reflect the status of new ownership.
Cadastral maps provide a great deal of useful information, usually including lot and section numbers, and names of original owners, which form the basis of many family history enquiries.
The Cadastral Map displays immense reach in its multinational scope, multilingual sources, and multifactor arguments.
Danov announced that he had asked for an allocation of BGN 10 M, VAT excluded, from the 2014 Budget for the preparation of cadastral maps and registers in 8 districts of Sofia, 13 regional centers and 27 localities.
The scheme also includes the preparation of a special cadastral map and specialized site development plan of the infrastructure in the Vitosha Nature Park.