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a mountain in the Andes in Argentina (22,047 feet high)

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Here we will introduce the mathematical model of CACO. Formula (11) describes the changes of organizational variables:
A pasta foi classificada em tres tipos, relacionando-se a quantidade de argila com a de antiplastico: 1-plastica, existiu o predominio da argila sobre o antiplastico; 2-intermediaria apresentou certa equivalencia entre o antiplastico, geralmente o caco moido, e a argila e 3-dura, houve o predominio do antiplastico em relacao a argila.
These features make the CaCO 3 a potential adsorbent for both Co(II) and Cr(VI) adsorption from wastewater.
Table 4 Number of Sessions to Reach Criterion and Accuracy Scores in the First Session of Each Reversal With Six Stimuli (Phases 4 and 5) and Eight Stimuli (Phases 7 and 8) Participant Phase Reversals Caco Lulu Teo Gica 4.
In this paper, we propose a new hybrid method based on DES and CACO, in which the possibility of premature can be reduced and the convergence rate is improved.
The work focused on the properties of the water and sediment of Lake Caco and the structure of its benthic community, aiming to assess possible changes on the species composition, population density and species richness of that community as related to seasonality.
All of them are members of some regional organizations including CIS, EurAsEC, CACO, ECO and SCO.
El caco, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris isthmius Goldman 1912, es un mamifero de alto valor biologico y cultural y de excelente potencial productivo.
THE tree Theobroma caco produces the cocoa bean, but first let me tell you a bit about the history of chocolate.
"It is being put out through all the regions, through the regional Casualty Assistance Calls Offices (CACO), that there is a requirement now to receive standardization training from the Guard," said Higginbotham.
The father of Joseph and Andre was a caco who participated in the guerrilla war against the American occupational force.
De acuerdo al IVIA, en los tres rodales (Caco Macaya, Agua Negra y Sabalo), Myrciaria floribunda se presenta entre las seis especies de mayor importancia ecologica, presentando una distribucion natural agrupado, con distribucion horizontal no continua.
With: Lucas Valadares, Fernando Neves, Arly Arnaud, Analu Tavares, Wilson Mello, Rita Assemany, Fernando Fulco, Valderez Freitas Teixeira, Neila Carvalho, Eva Lima, Caco Monteiro, George Vassilatos.
The Home Office has granted a licence to grow cannabis and the caco plant, the source of cocaine, at the Duchess of Northumberland's Alnwick Garden.