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Synonyms for carp

find fault

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Synonyms for carp

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

carp at: to scold or find fault with constantly

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Synonyms for carp

the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed

any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae

raise trivial objections


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Experiment environment Virtual Machine Number CPU Memory Hypervisor 1 Management Server 1 2 2GB Root Name Server 1 1 512MB Authoritative Name Server 1 1 512MB Caching Name Server 12 1 512MB Hypervisor Origin Server 1 1 1GB 2 x 3 Cache Server 9 1 1GB Hypervisor 4 Client 12 1 1GB Table 2.
A cache server first searches its cache for a DNS request emitted by a client once receiving it.
To provide the high speed of the cache system, all cache servers are using the memory as a buffer.
Africa has 15 exchange points, and they all acknowledge that the presence of Google cache servers has been a major motivation for ISPs and other content providers to exchange content locally, it was reported.
NECP has been architected to work with any network servers, such as cache servers, web servers, origin servers, proxy servers and transparent proxy servers.
One caveat to BlueCache is that it only works if your working data set is significantly larger than the total DRAM that would be installed in a conventionally designed cache server .
The purpose of this experiment is to confirm that Priority Access Mechanism can reduce response time to clients through cache server. As shown in Figure 5, we use origin server with our mechanism, cache server, direct clients accessing origin server, and indirect client accessing cache server.
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 is an enterprise firewall and Web cache server that enables IT administrators for businesses of all sizes to provide controlled, secure and fast Internet access for their organization.
GFI LANguard Content Filtering & Anti-virus for ISA Server( Microsoft Corp.'s enterprise firewall and Web cache server) provides content filtering and anti-virus checking of inbound & outbound network traffic at the server level.
Combined with Dacom's cache server farms, Foundry's cache switching solution enables Dacom to significantly enhance content delivery performance and user experience.
Legacy Database Gateway: CACHE 4 provides access from Cache Objects and Cache Server Pages to legacy relational information stores such as Oracle and SQL Server databases.
The company has also rolled up an e-commerce product combining Red Hat Linux 6.0, Apache web server, RSA Data Security 128-bit, Netscape roaming module, Squid proxy and cache server, Webalyzer server log and a $25 discount to use with Thawte digital certification.
After convincing ourselves that the tool worked, we tackled some large multithreaded servers written by experienced researchers at Digital Equipment Corporation's System Research Center: the HTTP server and indexing engine from AltaVista, the Vesta cache server, and the Petal distributed disk system.
The firm originally used a cache server operated by KT, which SK and LG have been using.