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Synonyms for carp

find fault

Synonyms for carp

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

carp at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for carp

the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed

any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae

raise trivial objections


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These cache servers are backed up by an SSD storage array and possibly a mechanical disk array behind the SSDs.
The purpose of this experiment is to confirm that Priority Access Mechanism can reduce response time to clients through cache server.
Cache server is configured as a reverse proxy of origin server.
Original NAP-Web should be used but cache server does not support re-access.
Propagation delays between cache server and authoritative server are usually much lower than the queuing delays.
A cache server first searches its cache for a DNS request emitted by a client once receiving it.
Africa has 15 exchange points, and they all acknowledge that the presence of Google cache servers has been a major motivation for ISPs and other content providers to exchange content locally, it was reported.
Google has a policy of encouraging the establishment of cache servers, mainly within bigger ISPs carrying volumes of traffic.
CachePortal Engine manages content validation on its cache servers by garnering information from traffic on the application servers.
Tacit Cache Server failover is part of our overall vision to shrink the WAN down to LAN size in terms of speed, convenience, and efficiency," said Trevor Hughes, vice president of product management for Tacit Networks.
Users who purchase the Tacit Cache Server failover option will have an extra Tacit Cache Server at the central site that passively mirrors data from an active Tacit Cache Server.
Web Werks is among the few IT organizations that has set up Google Cache Servers in India and we take immense pride in it.
Google Global Cache servers are installed within the environments of regional ISPs that functions to respond to the inbound content requests right from the convenience of proponent's network infrastructure.
What it soon finds is a DNS server maintained by the CDN which does a little more than the usual DNS operation: it figures out where the local DNS server, originally queried by the browser, is geographically and returns the address of one of the CDN's network of cache servers that is closest to that DNS server and thus likely closest to the browser.
Nonetheless, given the tremendous scalability advantage a CDN confers on a web site by offloading static content to hundreds or thousands of edge cache servers, his analysis clearly showed how cost-effective a CDN can be for many web sites.