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Dean specified thick corrugation of the bottle's drum to imitate the ridges of a cacao pod. Despite design revisions, the feature survives.
The cacao pods proliferate the trunk signifying a healthy fertile life of continuity and balance.
Fabulously feminine, but not at all sugary or powdery, with top notes of blackcurrant and pink pepper, a heart of rose and vetiver and a base of cacao pod, patchouli and musk, it works well for day or night.
The cacao pod nestles on a river stone, resting on a folded jute sack.
Each indulgent mix comes with a separate packet of sugar and spice topping to complement the flavor, along with a decorative cacao pod stencil to enable home chefs to create their own individual works of art.
The discovery backs up previous hints that cacao might have been used long ago in Ecuador: ancient ceramics from the area decorated with pictures of cacao pods have been found, while previous research that has shown that the upper Amazon is home to the greatest genetic diversity of Theobroma cacao - the cacao tree.
Cacao pods used today to produce chocolate have been gathered by humans for more than 5000 years, scientists say (AFP/File / SIA KAMBOU / MANILA BULLETIN)
(1) Farmers harvest cacao pods from the trees and remove the pulpy beans inside.