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Synonyms for Cacalia

genus of tall smooth herbs of forested mountains of Europe and Asia minor

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[equivalente a] Cacalia mexicana (Less.) Kuntze, Rev.
[equivalente a] Cacalia salvinae (Hemsl.) Kuntze, Rev.
[equivalente a] Cacalia canescens (Kunth) Kuntze, Rev.
[equivalente a] Cacalia remotiflora (Rich.) Kuntze, Rev.
[equivalente a] Cacalia salzmannii (DC.) Kuntze, Rev.
Andropogon geradii Vitman, Arundinaria gigantea (Walter), Cacalia tuberosa Nutt., Erucastrum gallicum (Wild.), Eryngium yuccifolium Michx., Silphium trifoliatum L.
Gray (Asteraceae), Cacalia tuberosa Nutt (Asteraceae), Eryngium yuccifolium Michx.
Arundinaria gigantea (Walter), cane Andropogon gerardii Vitman, big bluestem Cacalia tuberosa Nutt., Indian plantain Erucastrum gallicum (Wild.), common dog mustard Erygynum yuccafolium Michx., rattlesnake master Silphium trifoliatum L.
and its rank uncertain ("familias sucundarias").-- Cacalia L.,
Arnoglossum plantagineum Raf.; SYN: Cacalia plantaginea (Rar.) Shinners, Cacalia tuberosa Nutt.; Tuberous Indian Plantain, Groovestem Indian Plantain, Prairie Indian Plantain; Sedge meadow; Infrequent; C = 10; BSUH 14855.
Pale indian plantain (Cacalia atriplicifolia, Asteraceae), a little-known plant in Michigan.
Rob.; SYN: Cacalia atriplicifolia L.; Pale Indian Plantain; Old gravel pit along Abington Pike; Rare, one site with several dozen plants; C = 6; BSUH 13481.
Rob.; SYN: Cacalia muehlenbergii (Schultz-Bip.) Fernald, Arnoglossum muehlenbergii (Sch.
The plants that occur here include Antennaria plantaginifolia, Arabis laevigata, Cacalia atriplicifolia, Carex pensylvanica, Dodecatheon meadia, Luzula imultiflora, Quercus velutina, Silene virginica, Thaspium trifoliatum, and Tradescantia virginiana.
Cacalia atriplicifolia L.: Pale Indian Plantain: rare; dry hilltop forest; BSUH 11070.