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Additionally, study methods for the Cacajao melanocephalus research can be found in Defler (1999, 2001).
After five years of work in Vichada, I developed a research plan to study the ecology of Lagothrix lagothricha and Cacajao melanocephalus in the Colombian Amazon.
71"W) for Amazonian biological research was a personal plan dating back to 1982, impelled by my curiosity about the primate species Lagothrix lagothricha and Cacajao melanocephalus, two species that at the time were very poorly known.
y Mauritica flexuosa and trees important to Cacajao and Lagothrix such as the carquero (Eschweilera sp.
During 1994-1998 I studied the ecology of Cacajao melanocephalus around Lake Taraira (Defler, 1991, 1999, 2001; Barnett et al.
Vaupes, Lagothrix lagothricha lagothricha, Cacajao melanocephalus
Added to the fruit pulse in igapo is a young leafpulse (Alouatta, Lagothrix) and a concentration in the production of the favorite Cacajao fruit Eschweilera spp.
Although my research on Cacajao melanocephalus leaves much to be accomplished, despite the time I dedicated to it, I have recuperated from the destruction of my notes and library by the guerilla in 1998 that led to my leaving the Estacion Biologica Mosiro Itajura-Caparu, and I have been able to publish some results.
Cacajao ouakary in Brazil and Colombia: Patterns, Puzzles and Predictions.
Uacaries, New World monkeys of the genus Cacajao (Cebidae, Platyrrhini): a preliminary report and critical review with the description of a new species and a new subspecies.