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Floristic surveys from mesotrophic and eutrophic environments have reported species from the families Salviniaceae, Cabombaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Lentibulariaceae (Matias, Amado, & Nunes, 2003; Henry-Silva, Moura, & Dantas, 2010; Mormul et al., 2010; Rocha & Martins, 2011), which were also found in the Penha reservoir analyzed in this study.
(Cabombaceae) from an enriched genomic library," Applications in Plant Sciences, vol.
Entre las familias con el 50-70% del total de sus especies presentes en Mexico estan Achatocarpaceae (4 especies en Mexico, 8 en todo el mundo), Agavaceae (239 y 410), Bataceae (1 y 2), Cabombaceae (4 y 7), Cactaceae (946 y 1500), Ceratophyllaceae (4 y 6), Crossosomataceae (5 y 10), Garryaceae (9 y 13), Lemnaceae (19 y 30), Mitrastemonaceae (1 y 2), Nelumbonaceae (1 y 2) y Tovariaceae (1 y 2).
Ecology of Sydney plant species Part 3: dicotyledon families Cabombaceae to Eupomatiaceae.
An ontogenetic study of pollen and anthers of Cabomba caroliniana (Cabombaceae; Taylor et al., 2008) indicated the presence of an amoeboid tapetum.
(Cabombaceae), un nuevo registro para Chihuahua, Mexico.
Gray) Britton Brasenia schreberi Cabombaceae Clark W.E.
Asymmetric flowers are lacking, except for flowers with spiral or irregular floral phyllotaxis (here not considered), and flowers with contort aestivation in each perianth whorl (Cabomba, Cabombaceae) (Endress, 2008a).
Carpels of Brasenia (Cabombaceae) are completely ascidiate despite a long stigmatic crest.