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a highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets

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A group of bracelets, the lower with two rows of links set with green agate cabochon proving most valuable at PS1,400.
Si la tradition de l'orfevrerie s'est conservee dans de nombreux villages, il demeure que le centre de fabrication le plus important est constitue par les petits villages celebres par leurs bijoux d'argent ornes de cabochons de corail et surtout par la technique des emaux filigranes, technique savante dont on pense qu'elle aurait ete introduire au 15e siecle par les emigres andalous ayant rejoint le royaume de Bejaia...
- Harlequin Beads and Jewelry, 1027 Willamette St., presents the work of David Horste of DVH designs, a custom lapidary source for designer focal beads and cabochons.
This can be used to the faker's advantage to produce larger cabochons or beads, known as ambroids.
Also to be exhibited are two Punic amphorae, a lamp, plate and ivory cabochons that were found atop the tomb and with the skeleton.
She gets two gifts in one with this 18K yellow gold Italian-crafted cushion pin studded with sapphire cabochons (1.95 cts.) and brilliant diamonds (1.84 cts.), all VS in quality and G in color (price on request).
Following the GIA course and assembling the intellectual and manual skills to pursue her passion, Leena studied jewelry design theory and artistry, how to illustrate shape, form, and texture of metal and render faceted gems, cabochons, and pearls and apply traditional drafting techniques to designing jewelry.
Beckham, who flew in from Los Angeles, was wearing head-to-toe black to match Webster's design which is made from rhodium-plated white gold, with ruby cabochons, white diamond wings, a silver diamond tail and a black diamond band.
This page: Necklace with red, blue and green cabochons by House of Lavande, $1,748.
Right: Think pink with the beautiful Ba-Ball round tray, which is decorated with large cabochons. 34.5 cm x 51.5 cm; $174
Crystals are the favorite elements of many jewelry designers, and the authors describe the history of crystals, Herkimer diamonds, and carved cabochons. The glamorous designs combine a wide variety of techniques and the latest in crystal colors and shapes.
The smoky eye takes a dramatic turn with bright blue hues like L'Oreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Showy ($7, available at mass market retailers) on lids, When working with bold color, high-right one feature to balance the look, Miss Sixty halter; Piper Wilder earrings with Chalcedony Cabochons set in 22k gold Roman settings w/ 18 k gold Omega clips & posts; Boe gold necklace.
These are undeniably beautiful, intelligent artworks, closely aligned with Fernandez's consistent interest in problems of perception and the cultural fabrication of "nature." Delicate moments arose--the discovery that silver cabochons reflect upside down, onyx ones right side up; the smoky haze of illusory darkness that leaked from the black dots onto the wall; a suggestion of the marble snow as an irregular page marked by the blot of Ink Mirror.
From working with the mineral and finding the best piece to using tools and beads to maximum effect, chapters direct the user to mastering various basic beading techniques to add effects to the cabochon. From bracelets to necklaces in a range of styles, BEADING WITH CABOCHONS: SIMPLE TECHNIQUES FOR BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY is not to be missed.