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a highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets

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Cabochons are smooth and non-faceted gemstones which are mainly used by jewelers for making pendants and earrings through the process of setting these stones in a variety of metals like silver and gold.
Never seen by the public, it features a 233-carat blue Sri Lankan cabochon star sapphire set with more than 1,000 carats of blue moonstone cabochons.
Crystals are the favorite elements of many jewelry designers, and the authors describe the history of crystals, Herkimer diamonds, and carved cabochons.
Delicate moments arose--the discovery that silver cabochons reflect upside down, onyx ones right side up; the smoky haze of illusory darkness that leaked from the black dots onto the wall; a suggestion of the marble snow as an irregular page marked by the blot of Ink Mirror.
grade) and 200,000 carats of low grade emeralds (beads & cabochons grade).
Many students embellished their book with beads and flat-backed cabochons.
She keeps some cabochons, made from the most beautiful of the rocks, and other prize specimens in display cases to take to shows.
Naked, erect, half-drunk, the back of your thick blond hair flying - conducting that symphony over lower Manhattan - the lamps in East 10th street's penthouses glittering like Garnet and Topaz and Ruby cabochons - and the World Trade Center - two milky roofs lost in the drizzle like passing clouds.
Amazon customers will also find additional jewelry and watch items offered at significantly reduced prices, such as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Women's Reverso Cabochons diamond-encrusted watch, valued at $18,700 and available for $9,724; a one-of-a-kind GIA-certified 5-carat princess-cut diamond center ring with 142 round diamonds in 18k white gold, valued at $189,999 and available for $109,999; 4-carat diamond stud earrings, valued at $57,000 and available for $35,000; a 5-carat emerald-cut diamond-center ring with two 1-carat half-moon side diamonds, valued at $129,999 and available for $74,999.
Her coat is made from white quartzite with black onyx fur trimming, her scarf from lapis lazuli and her skirt from jasper, while her hands and face are carved opals and her eyes cabochons.
The necklace, more like a textile than a piece of jewellery, is made from some 375 turquoise cabochons set in a collar design with diamond groupings along the border.
But it's the hand enameling and fanciful setting of Swarovski crystals and cabochons that appeal most to collectors--Cate Blanchett, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry among them.
The base of this elegant thing is decorated with three turquoise matrix cabochons.