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Synonyms for cable

a telegram sent abroad

a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

a nautical unit of depth

television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with a cable

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The German standard marine ship cable types are as follows: MGG, MGH, MGCG, MGCH, FMGCG, FMGCH.
"The unit is capable of monitoring cable performance and degradation, as well as verifying whether an installation has been installed or reinstalled properly." The ARCMAS "can process mixed harness bundles of single, twisted or coaxial cable types up to 100 at a time," said Moore.
CoaxStrip 5400 can perform multiple stage strips on a variety of wire and cable types, from discrete wire to triaxial cable.
SCSI copper cables can only be effective up to a distance of 25 meters (and the effective distance for many cable types is actually quite less), which severely limits how far away from the server a peripheral device can be physically located.
The book's four sections contain information on updated changes to the TIA wiring standards for these applications, covering all cable types from coax to copper to fiber.
Whatever is decided, with early planning comes the ability to evaluate all the services and consolidate individual voice, data, video, and BMS using a single cable type and delivery method, instead of multiple cable types and delivery methods.
Choose from a variety of in-stock standard connector series and cable types with length up to 99" for miniature and low loss coaxial assemblies.
The connector performs in link aggregation or backbone cable assemblies and multi-legged fan-out cable assemblies using CAT-6a and CAT-7a STP cable types with RJ-45 or ARJ-45 connectors.
Hybrid cables are ideal for applications requiring low voltage copper cable and fiber cable to be used within the same space or for equipment requiring different cable types. The copper wire can carry power while the fiber can transmit data without the risk of electromagnetic interference.
These parts are also designed for side-by-side implementation with VITA 46 hardware and can be cabled to O.086 and smaller coaxial cable types.
It can test various cable types, including twisted-pair data, coax, telephone, security alarm and audio.
A five-step locking mechanism accommodates a range of chassis thicknesses up to .125" and is available in eight UL designation categories to accommodate eight different cable types. RDD Lockit easily snaps into place without the need for any tools other than electrical pliers.
West Palm Beach, FL, May 10, 2015 --( SV Microwave released their FleXtra[R] Application Note that features four unique cable types (o.047, o.065, o.085 and o.141) customizable with all standard interfaces including: SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMP, SMPM & SMPS.