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television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

a television system that transmits over cables

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In the early 1950s cable television systems, previously referred to as community antenna TV ("CATV"), began to sprout up across the country--providing Americans with an alternative delivery system for receiving television programming.
regulations covering broadcast and cable television systems. (118) The
the case of cable television systems because, being under the control of
DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification)--the CableLabs Certified Cable Modem project, which defines interface requirements for cable modems involved in high-speed data distribution over cable television system networks.
In Columbia Associates L.P., (23) two cable television system operators were unsuccessful in arguing that fees paid to networks for programming (e.g., ESPN, CNN, HBO) should be classified as rents rather than deductible royalties for single business tax purposes.
He borrowed $400 against his white Volkswagen Beetle to purchase his first cable television system in 1967 and regularly braved mountain temperatures to plant poles in Georgetown, Leadville and Idaho Springs as the head of a company he first called Cowpoke Cable Co.
CableLabs is a research and development consortium comprised of cable television system operators worldwide.
Large cable television system operators, both outside and from within the telecommunications company, were consulted in constructing the business process which relied upon the development and deployment of an interactive television network.
John Walson launched the first commercial cable television system in Mahanoy City Pennsylvania, an Appalachian town eighty-six miles from Philadelphia.
This was not always the case--only a few years ago, the only MVPD available to most of the public was the local cable television system.(268) As noted by the FCC and several commentators, there are now alternative avenues of communication available to anyone who wishes to disseminate their speech in the video marketplace.(269) As a result, every station owner is catering to a smaller portion of the potential audience, creating a desperate need for programming to fill all the available stations in the MVPD universe.(270)
Megacable, which has ordered 6,500 Terayon cable modems and associated headend equipment, is deploying high-speed data services over their extensive cable television system, which passes over 750,000 homes in 22 cities along Mexico's Pacific coast and Mexico's Gulf, in the east of the country.
This can affect Native people directly, as when the cable television system reaching Aboriginal households is controlled by monopoly.
He also helped structure the $2.4 billion sale of the KBLCOM cable television system to Time Warner.
Programs can be delivered to the cable television system using one of the technological methods already discussed or by pre-recorded videotape.
The target company, one of the largest US cable television system operators, is owned by Abry Partners IV LP and Oak Hill Capital Partners LP.