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the act of getting three players out on one play

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After a declining trend earlier, the number of cable telephone subscribers has increased in the past two years to follow the expansion of the installed capacity.
In Central Massachusetts, about one in three Charter customers subscribe to cable telephone service, said Ted Schremp, Charter senior vice president for product management and strategy.
of Laramie, Wyo., which provides wireless site construction (cable telephone towers) and maintenance service.
The index, compiled by the Office for National Statistics, also shows a trend towards buying electrical and DIY goods - with DVD players, cable telephone charges and aluminium ladders all making their way on to the list for the first time.
RCN has also entered into a joint venture with Charter to provide cable telephone services in Los Angeles.
Bell Atlantic operates in 23 countries in both mobile telephony and traditional cable telephone services.
A BEDWORTH pensioner is battling with a cable telephone company to move a maintenance box from outside his home.
These include Sky TV and digital satellite system, cable telephone lines, electric heating and double glazing.
Conventional hard-wire copper cable telephone systems are prone to ruptures in the network.
Fixed wireless - a technology providing a wireless link to a building's internal wiring, but avoiding the expensive switching costs associated with mobile telephony - is being pushed by Ionica as a direct alternative to BT or the cable telephone companies.
PT Indosat also operates cable telephone known as IndosatPhone or I-Phone.
Enhancing the fast-growing cable telephone services with an on-screen TV interface for such popular features as caller ID and call logging, Moxi Telephone can be added with a simple software upgrade that requires no new equipment or phone wiring.
Broadband access is currently proposed using ADSL technologies on the cable telephone network, via cable television networks or cable modems.
Like the age-old PC/Mac or Explorer/Netscape argument, the UK's three million cable telephone customers are fast becoming poor cousins of BT customers.