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television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

a television system that transmits over cables

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It's possible that most media lawyers don't have much experience representing cities in their dealings with cable operators and have little occasion to consider the First Amendment rights of cities and their PEG channels.
Additionally by offering a choice of such systems, Latens ensures that all cable operators can now choose Downloadable Conditional Access System (DCAS) security to both protect revenues and content and comply with the FCC requirement outlined below:
EuroCableLabs is a member organisation including all the leading cable operators in Europe, servicing TV, broadband Internet, and telephony services.
With the release of the TeraPIX video processor, we are completely focused on working with our partners to accelerate the delivery of products to leading cable operators.
Casa will also debut its C2150 Downstream Digital Cable Termination System, a multi-purpose cost effective "edge-QAM" platform that allows cable operators to deliver both video-over-IP services and MPEG video services simultaneously.
According to principal analyst Michael Arden, cable operators' interest in the mobile market takes two forms: "On one hand, cable operators are considering the revenues to be gained from leasing their networks for mobile backhaul.
IPv6 is the next generation of the Internet Protocol and greatly expands the number of Internet addresses that cable operators may use, allowing them to provide consumers with more IP-based services.
This new platform aimed at the cable market enables cable operators to offer voice services to both business and residential customers, including profitable business services such as hosted private branch exchange (PBX), unified communications and converged T1 services over Internet Protocol (IP).
The new ARCSmart features provide cable operators with greater control over their ARCXtend HSD hub deployments and they include:
Cisco Systems(R) (NASDAQ:CSCO) today unveiled a single-box solution for cable operators or multiple service operators (MSOs) selling services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises with branch operations.
Arcwave is the first and only provider of wireless plant extension solutions to deliver products to cable operators for serving both small and medium-sized business customers.
DENVER -- In a continuing effort to show cable operators and multiple system operators (MSOs) how to deliver "The Connected Life," Cisco Systems(R) (NASDAQ:CSCO) unveiled a new wideband solution involving channel bonding, low-cost edge quadrature amplitude modulators (QAMs) and cable modems together with the industry-leading Cisco(R) uBR10012 cable modem termination system (CMTS).
With this technology, cable operators can enhance their present network capabilities to further differentiate their offerings from competitors' services and lead the broadband industry.
1, which is in common use today, by aiding cable operators as they prepare for scaling up content offerings and customer usage in next generation VOD services.
With more than 325,000 units deployed over the last two years, the Moxi Media Center has proven to be a sound investment for cable operators and extremely popular with cable subscribers.