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television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

a television system that transmits over cables

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The cable industry, largely Comcast, seeking to level the playing field, has petitioned all three central Arkansas cities that have approved a deal with the telecom to hold AT&T to the same rules it must follow in the form of a cable franchise agreement.
Louis area, most city council and board meetings have not attracted large numbers of consumers when cable franchise renewals have been on the agenda.
The first challenge was applying for a cable franchise. "Our technology is different than that of the cable company, so the municipality was concerned about the equal levying of franchise fees," said Galitz.
GAO agreed to examine (1) how DBS subscribership changed since 2001; (2) how DBS penetration rates differ across urban, suburban, and rural areas; (3) how DBS penetration rates differ across markets based on the degree and type of competition provided by cable operators; and (4) the factors that appear to influence DBS penetration rates across cable franchise areas.
Excite@Home has over 13.5 million cable franchise homes under contract outside of North America and localized versions of the Excite service in 15 leading international markets.
As a longtime AOL subscriber (since 1993) who is also currently under the thumb of a Time Warner cable franchise, I can testify from personal experience that neither company seems overly concerned with customer service out of a sense of altruism.
While interest in building a cable system in Sacramento dates back at least as far as 1966, when a petition to the Federal Communications Commission was made regarding an effort to build a local system, local broadcasting interests kept any cable franchise from being issued until 1982.
There is always the initial period of saber rattling and delay during which the owner is advised that he or she must sign the "standard contract." In the case of negotiations with franchise companies, this may be followed by the mandatory threat to sue the owner under the local cable franchise statute to force entry.
To keep track of the cost of living, Elk Grove Village conducts an annual survey, which is intended to account for the entire range of municipal taxes and fees that impact residents--this includes property tax, sales tax, natural gas tax, cable franchise fees, waste/recycling services, water/sewer rates, and various other costs.
The community ascertainment period for the cable franchise renewal in Worcester is nearing an end.
most significant areas to account for when considering cable franchise
The company said that a total of 96 Massachusetts communities have now approved the grant of a cable franchise to Verizon and negotiations are ongoing with a number of other communities.
Other firms with facilities in Eugene that provide Internet access, such as Qwest and Clearwire, pay city taxes, said Pam Berrian, the city's telecommunications and cable franchise manager.
"Hundreds, if not thousands, of cable franchise agreements could be voided across the country as a result of the pending FCC order," said Elizabeth Beaty, executive director of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA).
The cable franchise covers approximately 110,000 households in Chesterfield County.