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31, 2012 (CENS) -- Consistently dedicated to the development of high-quality, reasonably-priced pliers and cable cutters for DIY use, Li Yao Industrial Co.
headlights pipes and stands approximately 2 pcs headlights : for stage lighting : - 30 m skylight frame with cable cutters : - 1 piece projector mount on the ceiling of the hall : - 20 m battens : - About 8 hr machine hoists including control : - About 18 sets of pegs for SteckfuE-podeste : - 100 m curtain track system with drive : - 500 sqm cloth upholstery : - Installation and Planning Workshop : - Documentation : - Accessories
The cable cutters are used for cutting electric cables in the distribution network.
the pliers and cable cutters offer a multi-color, sleek design with small thumb guards for a more comfortable grip as well as ease of handling and storage.
The complete line of GMP's 1,100 plus products also includes cable reels and aerial blocks, cable cutters, unique.
Avenger (MCM 1) class ships are designed as mine hunter-killers capable of finding, classifying, and destroying moored and bottom mines, using sonar and video systems, cable cutters and mine-detonating devices that release and detonate via remote control.
DART's key products include: flotation systems, landing gear, interior and exterior accessories, cargo expansion, external loads, cable cutters and filters.
The 773 and 774 High Speed Cable Cutters, a high-speed cable cutting system that features rapid blade advancement and automatic blade return for faster, safer customer use -- by an engineer at Greenlee, Rockford, IL.
Tenders are invited for Cable Cutters Product No-Cc06 Size-160Mm Make-Tapariya Or Similar
Southwire's VDV tools include cable cutters, strippers, crimpers and punchdown tools, as well as cable tracers and testers.