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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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Locals will pay between Sh20 and Sh50 for a one-way trip to cross the channel using the cable cars.
The express link will have 22 cable cars which will carry 38 passengers per cabin.
Nowhere else was there transportation on cables as long as here in Tatranska Lomnica," Juraj Husovsky, who has operated the cable car since the 1970s, told the TASR newswire.
The cable car offers enchanting views of the vistas around the town.
With the opportunity for cable cars, toboggan slide runs, a zip-wire ride, a visitor centre, a restaurant and a viewing platform, this type of scheme could transform Kilvey Hill and boost our visitor economy.
Srinagar: The management of the company that operates the gondola cable car service in Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday blamed "an act of God" for the Sunday tragedy which killed seven people including four members of a Delhi family.
Meron nang tatlong local governments already asking us to put the first cable cars in their places.
Mathieu Dechavanne, chief executive of the company which manages the cable cars, said the rescue operation "will take some time".
Four helicopters rescued 65 people from the four-person cable cars before night fell over Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, and dropped emergency blankets and bottles of water for those left stuck.
This is a town that is struggling to find PS145,000 a year to fund its wildly successful Food and Drink Festival let alone cable cars in the sky.
MURREE -- Dozens of tourists, including women and children, remained hanging in the air for over two hours Wednesday evening when chairlifts and cable cars at Patriata stopped moving due to power failure.
CARDIFF council has denied having any involvement in plans to bring seaplanes and cable cars to the city and said it does not believe the proposals should be a priority.
Contract notice: Life vehicles: cable cars 3 pieces.
And then there are the not-so-usual hot air balloons elephants and cable cars.
Cable cars are proving a popular way to skirt congested city streets.