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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The hills, the thrills, the cable cars -- must be San Francisco.
Services terminalization maneuver and translated with the exchange between the rails of the station RFI San Giuseppe di Cairo and the Park City Rail Cable cars and vice versa.
A CABLE car that crashed on to the High Street in Fort William was at the centre of another safety scare ten years ago.
Peru has announced a plan to build more cable cars to attract tourists.
He said: "I welcome the fact that the business council are throwing out these different ideas for seaplanes and cable cars, but I hope that they will not look to this council to fund them.
MURREE -- Dozens of tourists, including women and children, remained hanging in the air for over two hours Wednesday evening when chairlifts and cable cars at Patriata stopped moving due to power failure.
CABLE HIKE: San Francisco officials are considering a proposal to jack up the price on the city's historic cable cars from $3 to $5 a ride - the most expensive local transit fare in the country.
The acquired cable cars are as follows :,- On call manager VSP2- On duty fire chief VS West 30,- The fire chief on duty in Eastern VS 30.
The Al-Ahsa Municipality has started construction on its cable car and bridges project in the Al-Shuba Mountain Park to help boost tourism and create jobs for Saudis.
Managing Director of the Cable Car Corporation, Tufail Ahmad Matto, said the Makhdhoom Sahib is the first Muslim shrine to get the cable car facility and it will help boost religious tourism as well.
It is against the law for people to use rope-way cable cars.
Promotions included the Dancing Raisins going for a jog across the Golden Gate Bridge, handing out packages of California raisins to riders on the cable cars and practicing early-morning Tai Chi with the Neighborhood Parks Council.
Experts agree that only long-term monitoring can provide answers about the behavior of permafrost, and the potential threat to high-altitude structures such as cable cars.
The cable-car line suffered a disaster in January 1983 when seven people died after a towering structure of an oil rig struck the cable line and caused two cable cars to plunge into the sea while trapping others.
Think San Francisco and you may bring to mind the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, and Fisherman's Wharf: in Delivery Boy, author Roland Bianchi provides a different memoir of the city's Italian-American community.