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Synonyms for cabinet

Synonyms for cabinet

a piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers

persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers

a storage compartment for clothes and valuables

housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television


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This cabinet system can be deployed into raised or slab floor environments and can be integrated with any cooling method to provide data center design flexibility.
Touching on the parliamentary cabinet system, Prime Minister Kim said, "We agreed not to discuss a constitutional amendment for a parliamentary cabinet system this year in consideration of various circumstances.
The three families of products, which have features such as cam locks and miter fold drawers to simplify assembly, include Storage Stacker Systems, Storage Cabinet Systems and Custom Closet Systems.
We need the best of the Cabinet system and of the committee system and make it open and transparent.
Politicians of all parties criticised the Government last night for making Kirklees abandon its current cabinet system.
Wirral needs a thorough re-organising at officer and elected member level, and it's time we got rid of the cabinet system and included all council members again.
4 per cent in favour of an elected mayor working with a council manager, and 46 per cent in favour of the leader and cabinet system.
The Enginuity Cabinet System has been demonstrated to improve the integrity of custom, semi-custom and stock kitchen cabinets and to increase cabinet strength by up to 20%, according to ITW.
The cabinet system of local government, forced on local authorities by Labour three years ago, was supposed to modernise councils, effectively putting some zip into under-performing town halls.
Although he voted in favour of keeping the current leader and cabinet system he said local authorities and councillors were not very popular, which was "not surprising when you look at our failures".
While the stalemate between the NCNP and its coalition partner, the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) ostensibly concerns the appointment of a special prosecutor, the real conflict lies in a delay in the implementation of a ULD- backed parliamentary cabinet system, political analysts say.
Stockton and Redcar and Cleveland both have a Leader and Cabinet system in their respective town halls.
THE debate for and against an elected mayor in Cardiff has to consider the benefits and drawbacks, especially as Russell Goodway supports the idea and he was the leader who introduced the present cabinet system in 2002.
The automated medication dispensing cabinet system will assist in getting the right medication to the right patient and free up our staff to focus on patient-centric activities.
The ShopBot Cabinet System combines the ShopBot cabinet machine with KCDw and ArtCAM Cabinetmaker software for easy design and fabrication of cabinet components.