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Synonyms for cabinet

Synonyms for cabinet

a piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers

persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers

a storage compartment for clothes and valuables

housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television


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But while a cabinet system of 36 pots costs around P400,000 abroad, Urban Farmer's systems range from P38,000 (12 pots) to P90,000 (36 pots).
Sinamics S120 cabinet modules frequency converters are part of a modular cabinet system for multi-motor drives.
Democracy is being spun to death by a discredited Cabinet system of local governance.
UPI)-based solutions, announces the global availability of a new Energy Efficient Data Center Cabinet System.
Whilst the Cabinet System may be accused of not being totally inclusive it is a quicker way to make decisions.
Cllr Stuart Cllr Kelly said: "I believe the cabinet system of governance has failed.
None of the political parties on Kirklees supported ditching the Cabinet system.
As an old Labour Party member (and getting older by the year), I was brought up to value democratic, rather than authoritarian, approaches, so I happen to think that there is a real problem with centralising power into a small number of hands: is Birmingham or Wal-sall currently better run under a cabinet system than previously?
The POWERdepot Vertical Carousel provides significant space savings when compared to a more traditional static shelving, rack or modular drawer cabinet system.
Lib Dems accused Labour of secrecy when the cabinet system was set up four years ago.
Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan was the last to declare and became the second Tory council to adopt the cabinet system along with Monmouthshire.
But Labour insists the overall winner is the current leader and cabinet system.
With an integrated grab bar, the ADA unit is a high-pressure laminated cabinet system with a solid-surface countertop, designed with a stainless steel frame and a stainless steel lavatory with a sensor-operated faucet.
South Korea's ruling coalition partners agreed Wednesday not to seek a constitutional change this year to introduce a parliamentary cabinet system in place of the current presidential system.
The Storage Cabinet System features cabinets in various sizes, available in either deluxe or standard variations to fit consumers' different needs and budgets.