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Synonyms for reshuffle

Synonyms for reshuffle

a redistribution of something

shuffling again

shuffle again

reorganize and assign posts to different people

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In the cabinet shuffle, Yasir Humayun was given charge of Higher Education Department from only and Tourism ministry was taken from him.
A swarm of male trolls were on about Trudeau's cabinet shuffle because he had the temerity to appoint yet more women--a fact that evidently proves the PM doesn't care about merit or competence.
In a cabinet shuffle conducted at the end of March President Zuma of South Africa replaced Pravin Gordhan, the now erstwhile South African Finance Minister, and his Deputy Minister Mcebisi Jonas making the fourth change in Finance Minister under President Jacob Zuma.
Although a January cabinet shuffle has replaced Monsef, everything this government has done on electoral reform seems intended to block any consensus on PR, because none exists for Trudeau's preferred choice for reform: a ranked-ballot system that will again ensure the primacy of Canada's Tweedle twins: the Liberal and Conservative parties.
The Sunday Times said Gordhan had told a meeting of Treasury staff on Friday that he and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas could be removed in a cabinet shuffle. Treasury officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The review has been ongoing since before the cabinet shuffle late last week.
The new appointments came a week after King Salman acceded to the throne following the death of late King Abdullah and further cements his hold on power, with a sweeping shakeup that saw two sons of the late King Abdullah fired, and the heads of intelligence and other key agencies replaced alongside a cabinet shuffle.
The Cabinet shuffle continues in Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has appointed his deputy.
The cabinet shuffle is part of a remaking of Austria's grand coalition of the Social Democrats SPO and the Christian Democrats.
On Saturday, the NPC plans to elect four vice premiers and other senior government officials in a Cabinet shuffle.
Based on the recent cabinet shuffle the answer is no.
IT IS almost a week later, and I am still wondering what that Cabinet shuffle was about.
A notification to this effect was issued by Rastrapati Bhavan on Tuesday indicating that a major cabinet shuffle will take place sometime in September.
Yoshimi Watanabe, leader of the minor opposition Your Party, dismissed Noda's latest attempt, saying support for his Cabinet would not stop falling, while Natsuo Yamaguchi, leader of the New Komeito party, said the Cabinet shuffle failed to buoy hopes for what would come next.
RAMALLAH, April 15, 2012 (WAFA) -- The three Palestinian dailies Sunday highlighted President Mahmoud Abbas' affirmation that there is no contradiction between the Doha agreement and the cabinet shuffle.