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Synonyms for reshuffle

Synonyms for reshuffle

a redistribution of something

shuffling again

shuffle again

reorganize and assign posts to different people

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IT IS almost a week later, and I am still wondering what that Cabinet shuffle was about.
A notification to this effect was issued by Rastrapati Bhavan on Tuesday indicating that a major cabinet shuffle will take place sometime in September.
Yoshimi Watanabe, leader of the minor opposition Your Party, dismissed Noda's latest attempt, saying support for his Cabinet would not stop falling, while Natsuo Yamaguchi, leader of the New Komeito party, said the Cabinet shuffle failed to buoy hopes for what would come next.
RAMALLAH, April 15, 2012 (WAFA) -- The three Palestinian dailies Sunday highlighted President Mahmoud Abbas' affirmation that there is no contradiction between the Doha agreement and the cabinet shuffle.
Kappo pointed to Len Webber, who held the sole portfolio of Aboriginal Relations before the Cabinet shuffle, saying Webber "paid a lot of attention to our issues and he was effectively involved" with First Nations.
Meanwhile, Egypt's foreign minister Mohammed al-Orabi has resigned as Prime Minister Essam Sharaf appointed two deputies in the first steps towards a sweeping cabinet shuffle aimed at appeasing protesters.
After a cabinet shuffle, he was named as State Minister in the same government.
A cabinet shuffle has been expected in Saudi Arabia that could bring in some younger faces, while in Kuwait parliamentarians have promised to discuss giving more rights to stateless Arabs.
Commenting on the appointments Hamas leader and PLC member Salah al-Bardawil said the cabinet shuffle "has no political goals," but rather aimed at improving the performance of the Gaza government.
In a cabinet shuffle on January 25, Ontario's nominally Catholic Premier Dalton McGuinty removed Wynne from the education ministry and replaced her with Leona Dombrowsky, a Catholic with seven years of experience as chair of a Catholic school board.
The cabinet shuffle involved only a dozen ministers and key portfolios remained with veterans such as Finance Minister Jim Flather and Defense Minister Peter MacKay.
In the cabinet shuffle, Mercedes Araoz, who as trade minister helped implement a free-trade pact with the US, was named minister of production and industry.
Taken that Coun Lines' talents have now put housing on a firm footing, perhaps Coun Whitby might be tempted to have a cabinet shuffle and move this most successful cabinet member to minister the failings of the city's social services department
A 22-year veteran of the provincial political circuit and frequent cabinet member, the Temiskaming-Cochrane MPP was pulled from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) during the recent cabinet shuffle.
The problems ran so deep that they triggered a cabinet shuffle.