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an attendant on an airplane

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Eastern Airways was recruiting cabin attendants to fly from the airport to Aberdeen.
Passengers are requested to check with a cabin attendant afterboarding.
The Goodrich campus in Dubai currently supplies Emirates with MRO support for cabin attendant seats, cargo systems, electronic engine controls, sensor systems, nacelle systems, and other components and systems.
He went on to swear and warn a female cabin attendant: "I'll have you" after he was accidently caught on the shoulder with his lifejacket harness during the safety demonstration.
Under the arrangement, one ANA cabin attendant will be assigned to a daily Asiana operated Tokyo-Seoul return flight, and vice-versa, to ensure that the needs of customers from Japan and Korea are met in their own language.
"Any first-timers?" asks Ken DuBose, a cabin attendant on Cabin 1 who works for Doppelmayr, before warning those who raise their hands that they might want to steady themselves as we take off from the lower-tram terminal next to the Center for Health & Healing.
One female cabin attendant was seriously injured and three other cabin attendants sustained minor injuries, the officials said, correcting earlier report that five were injured.
Lufthansa cabin attendant Anna Schwertfeger donned a 1950s uniform to mark the anniversary and is pictured with flight captain Gerrit Adam, Dr Karsten Benz (Lufthansa's vice-president, sales and services Europe) and Dieter Grotepass.
In Singapore, 2 taxi drivers were infected after ferrying SARS patients to healthcare facilities, and 1 Singapore Airlines cabin attendant came down with the infection after a flight with infected passengers on board.
Couples can opt for a two-berth sleeper cabin with the added luxury of a small wash basin and a cabin attendant to serve you coffee and tea.
''I was at home for six years,'' said one former cabin attendant, Laila, adding jokingly, ''I have forgotten not only English but also my native language.''
Emirates Airlines cabin attendant Katherine Jenkins, 30, of Cimla, Neath, appeared at a shari'a court in Dubai yesterday along with two other Britons, an Australian and another woman in connection with what antidrugs police in the country call an international smuggling conspiracy.
''This is an important job that ties the hearts of people around the world together,'' Aika Takahashi, a 28-year-old cabin attendant of All Nippon Airways serving as a symbolic one-day post office chief, said at the ceremony.
airline will provide the wheelchair and a cabin attendant will assist you to the lavatory door.
Like the scum bag who hit an airline cabin attendant with a vodka bottle and then blamed her for asking him to sit down?