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a heavy wooden pole (such as the trunk of a young fir) that is tossed as a test of strength (in the Highlands of northern Scotland)

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Despite what many people think, a good caber toss isn't about distance, but about style, aim and technique.
'We didn't want the caber toss ruined any more by using a light caber.'
Armor mostly competes in his manual chair, but he sometimes uses an Action Trackchair for the caber toss, where athletes toss a large, tapered pole, because the chair gives him a wide, stable base.
The caber toss, stone put and hammer throw have been added to PE lessons in high schools in Wick and Thurso in Caithness and Farr in Inverness-shire.
Before the javelin, the caber toss. And if you happened up the road to Blue River on Sunday, you got to see some very burly men in kilts demonstrating all that.
There will also be a Highland Games exhibition Saturday, including a caber toss (a caber is a large wooden pole;) live dog shows on Sunday; and performances by the Bantu Wizards acrobatic troupe and Jerry Brown the Monkey Man on both days.
Arguably the most famous is the caber toss, which involves an athlete "tossing" a telephone pole.
They enter competitions such as the Caber Toss. In this event, contestants try to toss a long, heavy log called a caber farther than everyone else.