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United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)

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Also joining IOA's team as a commercial risk management specialist in Tampa is Cabell Vildibill.
Walker, a student in the building technology program at Cabell County Career Technology Center.
Cabell and her husband, Eric Cabell, were once named Foster Family of the Year in Harford County and had 13 children placed in their home in a four-year period.
New York [USA], April 15 ( ANI ): Oliver Cabell is soon going to launch a retro-style runner, Rennes, which is created in collaboration with British designer Cole Buxton.
Cabell's new predatory journal blacklist: a review.
On August 18, 2016, CHHD requested assistance from BPH to investigate the opioid overdose outbreak in Cabell County and conducted a retrospective public health investigation to characterize the outbreak and improve public health response.
Caption: Miki Cabell, left, who grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, received a Pride Foundation Scholarship.
CAST: Frank Langella, Kathryn Erbe, Brian Avers, Charles Borland, Hannah Cabell, Kathleen McNenny
"HAD WE BUILT A BARN FOR A COLLEGE, and log huts for accommodations, should we ever have had the assurance to propose to a European professor of [first] character to come to it?" (Cabell 1856, p.
Cabell Greet Recordings, Mustazza argues that Lindsay's performance-forward poetics not only required an expressive medium beyond the printed page but also pointed to the limitations of phonography and the possibilities of poetry on film.
Holly Cabell, site lead for the center at Valley Covenant Church in southwest Eugene, has volunteered since the warming sites began in 2008.
His 80-year-old mother told Massachusetts Judge Donald Cabell her son is her "rock" after his father's death.
"He always worked for Dominican players to be respected and valued in the United States." Enos Cabell, a special assistant to Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, played with Andujar for five seasons at the beginning of the pitcher's career.
Paul, MN, August 07, 2015 --( ReproTech, Ltd., the leading cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos and ovarian and testicular tissue), has reached an agreement with the Cabell Huntington Hospital Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine.
Judge Tucker reluctantly managed Corotoman before turning it over to his son-in-law, the ambitious Joseph Cabell, who was intent on extracting profits.