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toxic green larva of a cabbage butterfly

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While cabbage worms are the most familiar unwanted diners, the first pests these plants face may be cutworms and root maggots, said Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky Extension entomologist.
Utilization of energy and nitrogen by larvae of the imported cabbage worm, Pieris rapae as affected by parasitism by Apanteles glomeratus.
I spray all cole crops weekly with bacillus thurengiensis to decrease damage from cabbage worms.
Geranium: repels cabbage worms and Japanese beetles
Ducks, released in the garden once the plants are established, eat cabbage worms and grubs.
When seedlings have two sets of true leaves, I set them into the garden rows and spray with bacillus thurengiensis to ward off damage from cabbage worms.
For cabbage worms and budworms, he uses Bacillus thuringiensis, focusing it carefully on the problem area to avoid harming butterfly larvae.
When the Carolina wrens have nestlings clamoring for breakfast, they utilize a great many green cabbage worms.
We use Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) for cabbage worms and budworms.
The heirloom variety "McCormack's Green Glaze" is resistant to cabbage worms.
Other parasitic wasps include Aphytis melinus, which attacks red scale; Metaphycus helvolus, which attacks black scale; and several species of Trichogramma which parasitize the eggs of pest worms such as corn earworms and cabbage worms.
Nor get them out of the habit of eating a particular pest, such as potato bugs and cabbage worms.