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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

a series of acts at a night club

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Introducing a unique combination of dancing, live musicians, DJs, performance artists, cabaret, vaudeville and trapeze artists, SHOW, New York's most anticipated nightlife venue located at 135 West 41st St.
Piano man Mark Nadler is honing his own cabaret comedy by keeping one eye on Broadway's Dame Edna
During a cabaret engagement in Berlin they were issued a one-way ticket home by the Third Reich, as part of Hitler's ethnic cleansing of Germany.
The Wild Stage: Literary Cabarets of the Weimar Republic.
The main chapters of the book are devoted to three well-known cabarets which did (up to a point) provide a supportive cultural ambience for the literary avant-garde, and which did (on occasions) nurture elements of political protest.
The city itself was the most prominent character in the cabarets of 1900 to 1914.
She also said women employed at cabarets had to attach medical certificates to their entry permit applications including test results for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and tuberculosis.
Instead they said she had been employed by the authorities to "fish girls from cabarets and to take them to the shelter" in Limassol.
They involve a drastic change in the process of approving entry to women seeking work in cabarets and bars.
According to him, the defendant said she had been to Cyprus three times and had worked at two different cabarets in Nicosia and Limassol, although the majority of her time was spent working at the Nicosia cabaret.
Later she asked if he'd never been to a cabaret and later still told him that he knew full well what went on in cabarets.
And he feels that the government's recent attempts to crack down on cabarets in Cyprus are just that - half measures.
Even the US government warns of the scam on their 'Overseas Security Advisory Council' website, which states: "US Embassy Nicosia recommends avoiding nighttime entertainment areas after midnight, particularly those establishments advertising themselves as "Cabarets." "Cabaret Girls," also referred to as "artistes," are generally associated with organised crime groups on the island and should be avoided.
Indeed in the same breath with which they proclaimed their innocence, one cabaret owner wondered where teenage boys would get their sexual experience from if the cabarets were not there to provide the service, adding that if they were forced to close, Greek Cypriot men would simply go north for their entertainment, as they already did to satisfy their gambling habits.
He said locals were uninterested in working in cabarets but that if a Greek Cypriot woman wanted a job he'd give her one.