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Synonyms for Cabalism

the doctrines of the Kabbalah

adherence to some extreme traditional theological concept or interpretation

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Seniority, as HC, Judge or Chief Justice, brilliance and potential, ideology, political trade- off, judicial cabalism.
Allusions to Paracelsus, Porphyrius, and Del Rio suggest the novel should be read "in the light of Occidental black magic, cabalism, and alchemy" (Pasco 128).
Mitchell's use of the goddess, a controversial figure in both Christian and Jewish traditions (in particular the "occult" traditions of Gnostic Christianity and Jewish Cabalism) is a clear sign to the reader to perceive a much deeper meaning to his "creative" theatre and a much more pernicious error that the commercial theatre manifests.
Pordage introduced her to the theosophy of Jacob Boehme (a mixture of mysticism, Gnosticism, cabalism, and alchemy), which greatly influenced her spirituality and her writings.
Mordecai is, at best, a rather stiff character; at worst, he is a walking Romantic social theory attached to a cabalism which Eliot carefully documented in her notebooks and attributed to him, as she attributed superstitions to other (usually more fully realized) characters--Adam Bede's premonitions about his father's death, or Dinah Morris's Methodist visions.