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a railroad train consisting of freight cars

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It can be filled at any water source, and cab controls make the system easy to operate.
It received input from the car cab controls to provide updated car position and velocity to the scenario computer for navigational calculations.
Because cab controls remain a popular choice for crane operation, manufacturers are working to improve their ergonomic and safety aspects.
Cab controls allow the operator to adjust aggressiveness of the dig to accommodate for changes in ground conditions or other site-specific needs.
Falcon II cab controls also include a full color LCD display, built-in system testing diagnostics, multiple system monitoring alarms, full electronic spray controls and hydrostatic drive control lever.
INSIDE THE CAB: A close up of cab controls (left) and a driver simulator image
Operator adjusts head height, speed, and merging direction with cab controls. The merger hydraulically folds from a working width of 9.14 meters (30 feet) to transport width of 4.04 meters (13 feet and 3 inches) from the tractor seat.