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an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea

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Although Caanan is the son of Ham, this "curse" has come to be known as the "curse of Ham;" and while the Bible makes no reference to skin color, given this Manichean context, blackness as a curse is "logical."
Betty Robshaw read out the Joy of the Spirit from One Corinthians and Hilary Ellis read the gospel reading from John, the Wedding at Caanan. Roger Mitchell was the organist.
Her captivating talk was further enhanced with The Pentones, a group of five singers who sang the Spirituals vividly describing the symbols that helped the Black people to find their way to Caanan (Canada).
They have added a wildlife biologist to the team, Caanan Cowles, who is helping write stewardship plans for clients, when he isn't running a chainsaw or doing other work at a job site.
Not only does Eugene Gant think about his own search for the "happy land" (522, 623), William Jennings Bryan--pontificating for the benefit of a local newspaper reporter--claims to have actually found "the happy land of Caanan" in the hills of Altamont (341).
"It's interesting being out herein the desert' said Caanan. It's different.
They were hit by a Rover at about 6pm on Saturday as they crossed Pentrechwyth Road to Caanan Chapel in Swansea.
Four chapters describe the ambiguous relationship of Israel and Caanan, the rootedness and defiance of the prophets, the rich reciprocity of the Wisdom literature, and Abraham and Moses as paradigmatic figures.
As members of Caanan Chapel arrived for what was supposed to be a musical extravaganza in honour of the Rev Hadyn Dennis' 20 years as a minister, they found the clergyman tending to the injured choristers on the road.
As members of Caanan Chapel arrived for what was to have been a Saturday night musical extravaganza to mark the Rev Hadyn Dennis's 20 years as minister, they found the clergyman tending to the injured choristers on the road.
Twins, Caanan and Jordan Williams, 8, pose for a portrait with their stepmother, Octavia Paul.
The house is plainly a successor to the Farnsworth by Mies and Philip Johnson's at New Caanan. These were celebrations of Modern dematerialisation of enclosure, and both highly Classical in conception, with services internalised to allow the facades to be regular.
While its name and address may have changed, Kavallines Electric will continue to offer the same great electrical expertise and customer service to area residents in New Caanan, Wilton, Stamford, and environs.