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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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A cerimonia moderna no mes de Dhu'l-Hijja e a fusao de duas cerimonias anteriores, a hajj e o umra, e tem por centro Meca e o seu santuario, a Caaba. Algumas praticas religiosas exigem visita a lugares externos a cidade de Meca.
When we consider the more appropriate case of counting repeated letters only once, several more words are perfect, all for PN 6: abac, abaca, bacaba, bacca, Caaba and eaba.
The Christian African American Booksellers Association (CAABA) will play a prominent role in the overall convention.
Evelyn Curtiss, owner of Word of Life Christian Bookstore in Los Angeles, and the chairman of the board and president of the Christian African American Booksellers Association (CAABA), comments: